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W3232 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his son Thomas Hampson Baker
Jun 27 1878
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: St. George, Ontario

Dear Father,

I trust you will excuse the liberty I take in addrefsing1 you, I certainly would not have done so concerning any affairs of my own, but being in Paris last Saturday I called on Alfred's Widow,2 & at her earnest entreaty promised to do so, She is in debt & states that nearly the whole is for necefsary clothing for the Children. That the accounts are for your inspection, & that any of the younger Members of the family was by their Father committed to her, which you in letter afterwards acknowledged. That the price of Rent for the house $6.00 per month you stated as in your opinion reasonable, & now after having done her best & been as economical as pofsible. Purchased a considerable amount of clothing which they have taken away with them. She is now left to pay the bills & nothing to do it with. The children are all of an age to require a considerable amount of clothing the youngest girl being 16. Speaking of expenses she states that her House was always a home for the elder children of the family as well as their friends, & that you never forbad [sic] it, Alice having brought Mifs Puckridge & she remained a week. Mr. & Mrs. Puckridge & family were in the habit of making a convenience of her House. That the above being a true statement of facts as furnished me by Mrs. Baker. She Prays you will at least see her out of her difficulties. Persons Knowing you have with-drawn all support from her are pushing vigourously [sic] for payment. & that her things will be seized & sold if no afsistance is rendered. I will now give the names & amount due each Creditor

Cameron & Montgomery
Children took most away with them
Mrs. B. had nothing
Aaron Nash, Summer wear Boots & Shoes
J.S. Brown School Books & &
J.G. Goble Dry goods prior to Minnie's
Leaving for Mount Brydges
Cameron & Montgomery 1877 Amount due
Was 45.86, $10.00 just Paid
Rent due on July 1st
Amount due Doctor unknown
With money remitted she has Paid to Walker
I ommitted [sic] to state Walker
holds a note against her for
Paid to Skerritt
Cameron & Montgomery
She has likewise Paid the sum of
in return for money borrowed to pay Cald--
back for Dry goods for Children very little for self



10.00 due




The Doctor informed me Mrs. B. was so unwell it was impossible for her to exert herself. She likewise so informed me herself, I should have forwarded Certificate to this effect from Dickson, but he was from home when I called for it.

I have about completed a task which I had a great objection to undertake, & now leave the case in your hands. I am only sorry I am not in a position to extricate her from the difficulties now Prefsing

I remain

Your Affente. [sic] Son

Thos. Baker

P.S. Please addrefs either to St. George, or, which I would much Prefer to Mrs. Baker herself


1 The writer uses the now archaic convention of "fs" for "ss," as well as other spelling and punctuation anomalies, which we have transcribed as written.

2 Maria (Mudge) Baker "inherited" seven stepchildren in 1876 after the death of her husband, James Alfred Baker. Her father-in-law, Rev. Thomas Baker, provided her with financial support as she was still caring for the most of the children. However, in 1878, her eldest stepchild, John P. Baker, reported to Rev. Baker a rumour that Maria was keeping gentlemen callers for undue lengths of time and, as a result, the Reverend removed the children from Maria's care. See W3155 for details.

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