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[Included below are some notes written on the envelope in Rev. Baker's handwriting.]

W3240 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his granddaughter S[arah] E. Baker
Jul 25 1878
To: Rev. Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: St. George, Ontario

Dear Grandpa,

Ma & I1 were much surprised yesterday at receiving a visit from Maud [,] Charlotte and Willie Baker. Maud and Willie were in great trouble about returning to Mr. John Puckridges [.] Maud wished us to us to write to you & ask permission to live with us, so far as we are considered, it is a matter of indifference, were it not for regard to the comfort of the poor girl whos [sic] health is not such as to endure the harde [sic] work imposed on her, & she further mentioned on his death bed2 that none of the family should ever be placed under the care of either Mr. J. Puckridge or their brother John, from some cause or other both children sound very unhappy, & were in tears the greatest part of the time they were here, Willie declaring he would not return to his Uncle but insisted upon remaining with his Mother3 & from his obstinate disposition she will have great difficulty in compelling him to as he has run home twice, & she has been troubled to persuade him to return. Ma & I felt very much for them, & wishes me to tell you that she is willing to take her (Maud) & does not wish to make any profit out of her, but sufficient to defray the expense of her board, leaving it for you to cloth [sic] her as you see fit. Until the Fall there is no prospect of her commencing to learn a trade, & we can not be sure of an opening then but will do our best to obtain one. I am sorry to say Pa's business is not very lucrative and in consequence, shall work at my trade Spring & Fall so as to clothe myself, hoping you are in good health I remain

Your affectionate Niece4

S. E. Baker

[Written on envelope in Rev. Baker's handwriting:]

Recd. Saturday July 27th at noon.

This letter misrepresents--Sent the letter to Mr. John Puckridge who learnt from Maude that their Step mother obtained a vehicle drove it herself conveying the within named children and did [make?] the utter most of the talking--these folks would unmake me--may they not succeed.

1 It is difficult to determine the identity and the relationship of this writer to Rev. Baker. The Calendar lists the name Sarah E. Baker, likely his granddaughter. His son Thomas Hampson married a Sarah (Huntley). The writer is likely the daughter and she is probably referring to her mother (Huntley). They lived in St. George, see also W3202, W3203.

2 Likely a reference to the death of their father James Alfred Baker in 1876.

3 Likely a reference to James Alfred Baker's second wife and widow, Maria Mudge, their step-mother. After James Alfred's death Rev. Baker had supported Maria as she raised her dependent stepchildren until the eldest of the children, John P. Baker, told him of rumours that Maria had been keeping gentlemen callers for undue lengths of time. Although he was apparently unable to confirm the rumour, Rev. Baker nonetheless removed the children from Maria's care. See W3155.

4 Niece also has the obsolete meaning of granddaughter.

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