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W3307 TO REV THOMAS BAKER from his associate John Puckridge.
Jun 8 1879
To: Rev. Thomas Baker.
From: John Puckridge, Brantford, Ontario.

Brantford Township, Ont.
June 8th, 1879

Rev. Tho. Baker

Dear Sir,

Your favor of the 2nd containing P.O. order for the sum of $25.00 I beg to act now to with our thanks as we find the money for the coming Quarter to be very useful at this time. Owing to the state of the weather and Mrs. P. being much indisposed we did not get our letters until the end of last week. My time is pretty well taken up at home, as we keep no hired helpers and my boy is young consequently the work of the farm is most important and do it I must, am pleased to state however we have our spring work almost finished only a few more potatoes to plant [that are on??] the whole I trust likely to be as good as usual with me & about 1 1/2 what the cold spring farm would produce [??]. The rain was indeed a benefit to us, without it we were scorched and parched already. But the face of the land is revived and corn & peas starting. Fall wheat & Rye are in head & will probably be very short this year. As my wife has I fear suffered from overwork and extreme nervousness. We feel doubly your kind offer to advance a farther sum for the summer return, of these orphans. In all respects we desire to treat Lotte, and Willie as our own, and by God's help will do so as long as they remain here members of our little family. Though Lottes health we fear is not good she certainly endeavors to assist her Aunt in all matters is attached to her and obliging to myself and others, and certainly were there are 3 or 4 young children and the mother poorly there is opportunity for patience and kindness to show themselves.

I wish Willie was in some matters different. I can hardly explain myself distinctly in reply to yr. question but will try to express my thoughts on the matter.

I have been an idle thoughtless fellow myself and think many have the same bent and trait of character, but as my boy-hood passed I had heavy & severe trails to cause me to change my habits, but was somewhat older than Willie when that trial came. He is a strange combination of good & evil qualities, and as one's habits are quickly formed I often wish he had some better [endance??] than I can provide him. He is positively averse to study and as it difficult to make one learn who is unwilling advice is generally thrown away he acts from impulse and being of a determined turn of mind will sometimes only take the right & straight road. He is good and kind enough to all about him I consider, but at times of an idle disposition that is very objectionable and injurious to him. I have come to this thought respecting his ability. He could learn if he chose because he can reason when he desires with on her yrly that he does our display at work. Ask him what business he likes. We will reply Auctioning or Farming. At times he seems too childish for his yrs. & spends money freely. This latter trait of character however I believe to be common in most boys, and probably shows energy of mind which makes one act impulsively. I am not comfortable in the assurance that his future career will be a correct one and I will endeavor to say why I think so. He has been permitted to grow up so far without correction as a general rule for faults which you know every boy does & will commit at times unless grace or a higher power upstairs him, and though this is headstrong and quite determined to carry out his own plans, and fully able to discuss his reasons were he permitted so that he is not a lad to be frightened into any scare or do what he does not like. For his future is good. I have thought whether it would be of any use to express this thought to you. "That as Willie made but little progress at school ours being but quite a second or third rate ones. For this section will not pay a teacher sufficient to get an able one. Would sending him to Paris High School be beneficial, then the idea occurs unless he was with some thoughtful person, no benefit would probably arise from his opportunity, as he would not be placed under restriction and it would be difficult to enforce obedience. My eldest girl is going to Paris school for a few weeks only. I have had a great wish to send my eldest son, also, but owing to circumstances could not do so, and his help is now needed on the Farm, But do not allow my remarks to make to uncomfortable as Willie-has other qualities than these but we desire his good. It has an unfortunate habit of carelessness respecting his clothing that he does not take any care of any article unless by direct & continued instruction hence you see he requires a good guide He is pleased with his Bible and Lotte was also much gratified to receive your letter & present. She will write you to express thanks. Now Mrs. P. thinks that $10.00 will be about sufficient for all requirements. She will inform us how [it??] is applied and we will advice you. We were glad to hear of my relatives who of Maud's comfort and helpfulness & we certainly feel thankful our heavenly Father has given these orphans some friends to provide for them I have learnt by adversity that none but the good here have any lasting satisfaction and that the Gold & silver is best applied to good uses. Excuse my long letter, I take for want of practice a long way of explaining matters.

Trusting that yr. health is better than it has been & that Mrs. Baker is well also & those others of yr. family.

In conclusion allow me to say we will try to carry out yr. wishes respecting our charge and I have written much from a sense of duty. With united kind wishes for yourself and family I remain
John Puckridge.

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