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W3345 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from John Puckridge.
Dec 6 1879
To: Rev. Thomas Baker.
From: John Puckridge.

Brantford Township, Ont.
Dec 6th 1879
Rev'd T. Baker

Dear Sir,

Your kind letter with the P.O. Order for the ensuing quarter I beg to acknowledge with thanks also for yr. views respecting the use of purely Rye flour as I was unaware of its properties. I am induced from the kind interest you take in us to ask a favor in a matter of much importance to myself and in doing so. I am sure you will excuse me when I state that I ask yr. confidence also, as it being a money matter in which personal friends are interested I find myself in an unpleasant position.

Being intrusted [sic] with a power of attorney for my stepfather with other matters I received and now have in my possession a note of hand drawn in June 1871 for $2000.00 payable in five years. On the expiration, or rather after said note became due I asked this friend to give some security and I doubted not, but that he could retain the money, by paying up arrears of interest. He stated that he could not give any security the Note was still good, and in time he would pay. He has not paid interest for over six years I believe, how long can matters remain in this way & the note be valid. If this is a purely legal question I still desire yr. opinion. The party I allude to as pay or, is I expect an executor in our affairs and I have no wish to make an enemy, and I fear that if the payment was pushed, it could not be paid excepting by causing great distress &c therefore it is allowed to rest.

I have another difficulty, which I would like advice, on It is this, I am called upon to pay a moderate Rent, &d desire to do so, but I have not necessary Capital to carry on the business of Farming successfully. I believe that had I pay $400.00 to lay out in stock & necessary improvements. I could make it pay & make my home more comfortable, but having no real Estate & very little goods I can give no security to satisfy ordinary money lenders. But I know that I must partake of my shares 1/3 of the money now on deposit here, after the joint lives of my Mother & stepfather, unless the money should be withdrawn ( a very unlikely think to occur in this case, as it was placed in the Bank to avoid trouble or risk I presume and though Int. has gone to 4% it is there still should you consider that I was rash in obtaining an advance on this prospect, at such a rate as obtainable, or could I obtain money on the strength of my assertivnefs & vouched for. I insured my life some 8 years since for $1000 in Connecticut Mtl as I had fears for the future owing to troubles in the family and had hoped that would be accepted as security if needful. You will doubtless observe I have objection to ask assistance from my parents. I have more than one reason for not doing so. My idea is that Mrs. Fussell is not a business man, he is now aged & on matters of this sort, most decidedly unamiable & he has moreover, an objection to write or to make any fresh disposal of his, or of my Mother's affairs.I have had some assistance but with our young family & ill health at one time, it was quite insufficient for out wants Now I flatter myself that I have improved the stat of Fertility of this Farm & can pay interest on $1000, far better than work it without proper means, and I feel my dear sir, that I ought to make an effort to give my wife, (who seems worn out already, every comfort in my power, that might tend to lengthen her days. Then our children are growing up in some matters very different from what I would desire. Willie goes to school & makes slight progress, with our own still at the old school as I could not until very recently spar my eldest, who is about Williams age from farm work and he objected very strongly being sent elsewhere alone so that unser a promise of close application to study & good behavior, we have make no change hither to I am thankful to say Mrs. P. is slightly better, but I have my fears of her remaining so long she is really very feeble, but keeps up and about. Hoping you & Mrs. B. are quite well as usual with kindest wishes from our younger members & ourselves.

I remain respectfully yours,
J. Puckridge.

P.S. Should you find this matter from its length troublesome or if it wearies you I would hope that you will consign it to yr. stove to warm you. I have written Mr. F. about his note stating my honest thoughts that it would be useless to press payments. He has not replied, one reason may be his sight is past failing, Maud writes for him and my aged Mother also. Her general health is tolerably good I think but she cannot move without crutches. I am very thankful Maud is with them now. As she seems quite happy considering all things. I much feared she would be very sad & perhaps lonely. I do not think Willie is as strong as he looks; still we all have our dull days.

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