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W3381 TO REV THOMAS BAKER from Mary Maude Baker (his granddaughter)
Jan 1 2000
To: Rev. Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Minster, Kent, England

My dear Grandpa,

I am sorry to have delayed so in answering you kind letter Grandma has just recovered form a very heavy cold. I donít know what I could do here alone but Uncle Oswald & wife live with us I also keep company with a very respectable young man to whom I am engaged his name is Alfred Satterfield, of about my age to whom Uncle and Grandma do not object & should you dear Grandpa like to be better informed respecting him Here you to write to Uncle Oswald he would very willing answer as he has known him ince childhood Uncles directions are--Mr. O. Puckridge Alexandra Villa. Minster Island-Kent. We may not Marry for six months but when we do we think of coming to dear old Canada his Grandfather thinks it would be the best thing he can do to try it any-way I think people can do much better out there every-thing is so much cheaper. Grandma's memory has greatly failed so Uncle Oswald attends to her money matters. He received a letter from Uncle John with Grandpa's will it is as follows Land to Uncle John, $2,000 to Oswald, the remainder to Grandma. After Grandpa death in looking for certain papers Uncle came across Grandma will which she made just before leaving Paris there was left 2/3 to Uncle John 1/3 to Oswald, our family not mentioned Uncle Oswald was greatly surprised and said his poor Sisters [sic] children should not be treated so. So he persuaded Grandma to make another will in which our family are to share it- is his wish it should not be mentioned as he wrote to Uncle John telling him what he had done and Uncle John wrote back saying he thought Oswald very hasty. I have had a present of a very nice album. I should like to have all our family's Photo so much I have Allice's & Lottie's and should be very pleased dear Grandpa if you and Grandma would kindly send me yours. I am very grateful to you dear Grandpa for your kind advice and will try and profit by it. I was very pleased to hear you have such good health and Grandma is better. We are all pretty well & comfortable. With Grandma's kind regards & best love from me to all.

I am my dear Grandpa
Your Affectionate Granddaughter
Mary. M. Baker

1 Mary was born in 1861 so was 19 at the time of this letter. After her parents died and she and her siblings were left in the questionable care of a step-mother, Maria Mudge, Grandfather Rev Thomas Baker sent Mary to live with relatives in England. Mary ends up marrying the mentioned Alfred Setterfield and having 8 children. For more about this family see W2953, W4141, W2960, W3328, W5406.

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