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W3420 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his granddaughter Minnie Baker
May 15 1880
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, [Hamilton, Ontario]
From: 312 Thames Street, London, Ontario

Rev. Thomas Baker

My Dear Grandpa

It was with much pleasure I received your very welcome letter, And [sic] also the present you so kindly sent me, I can assure you it was very acceptable. Aunt and Allie arrived this evening,1 Lottie and Willie you will be pleased to hear are quite well, there is a prospect of Lottie living with Mr. & Mrs. Harbin. I believe Allie says she can go to the Paris School, for a year or phraps [sic] longer If she lives with them, you asked me about Lottie's going to the Hospital,2 Lottie was to give ten dollars, money you gave her, at different times, which she as [sic] been saving for a long while. John Allie and I were to pay an equal share in the remaining expenses, I daresay you are aware there are three wards in the Hospital ordinary special and private. John intendid [sic] making particular enquiries to see if she would have every necessary comfort in the special and if not we intendid she should go in the private. If the first operation is successful three or four weeks will be long enough for her to remain there. If not successful she may have to stay the same length of time over again. John or I could visit her every day so I think she will not find the time nearly so dull as if she went to Toronto where we first thought of sending her.

I can assure you Dear Grandpa in the case of Mr. Harbin's groomsman, although he was an old friend of poor Father's and the very gentleman Pa had picked out in his own mind. As suitable for Mr. Harbin, and also suitable as my escort, I may say to you that I know no Gentleman who's [sic] company I would prefer to his on the Occasion, but never the less, I am forced to admit there is no engagement in this instance.

Hoping Dear Grandpa Grandma and you are enjoying better health. Aunt Puckridge I am sorry to say is very poorly. John not very well we girls and Jimmie3 are quite well we all unite in kindest love to you all.

From your affectionat [sic] Granddaughter

Minnie Baker

PS. Please excuse all mistakes as Allie will not stop talking while I am writing.

1 Alice was married to Edward Harbin in London, Ontario, on May 26, 1880. She and her aunt, Jane Puckridge, travelled to London to make preparations at Alice's brother John Puckridge Baker's residence. See W3429 for John P. Baker's description of the wedding.

2 Lottie had been born with a cleft palate that her family was hoping to have surgically corrected. The surgery was in fact performed at home but had to be re-done and caused young Lottie a great deal of agony.

3 Jimmie is little James Alfred Baker who was named after his grandfather and who was Minnie's nephew by her brother John. He is sometimes also referred to as "Alfred" or "Alfie."

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