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W3444 TO REV THOMAS BAKER from Sarah Pike
Jun 25 1880
To: Rev Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 53 Oxford Road, Essex Road, Islington, London

My very dear Brother,

Your kind letter containing the P. Or. For 15 pounds came safe to hand and I am happy to inform you that I have the Money all right no difficulty I was not able to go for it myself through so much feeblenefs [sic], but Mr. Blackburn, my Husband's Nephew went for it for me, I signed the Orders and there was no difficulty I hope you and your dear Wife well accept our [multiple?] thanks for it. I am sorry to learn that my silence caused you some uneasinefs [sic] I did intend writing to you but there was much uncertainty about where I might be living when your letter reached London. I heard about 2 months ago that the people were about to give up the House they said they should like me to go with them, and I hoped to do so, for I have been pretty comfortable with them, but nothing offered that would suit us, for Rents are extravagantly high, constantly increasingly [sic]. The week before last a party engaged the [sic] house and was desirous of my remaning with them as their Lodger, my rent has [?] been 5/-[p??] per week. I told them I would stay if they would let me here the same room for 4/6, they said they had had such a high character with me that they would gladly do it if they could but they could not do it, so we agreed for [4/??] that is something lefs[sic]. It is a most beautiful Front [?] Room, very large and airy, which greatly releaves my breathing indeed. I can find that my breathing [poorest?] are much better since I have such a large room and nice fresh air. I can go out but very little I am so unable to walk though mercy I feel very little pain excepting weaknefs [sic]. I am very thin, but I relish my food and [seem?] in tolerable good health for a person of my age. I am so thankful when I can go to the House of God once a day for it is but seldom that I can do that, but it so refreshes me when I can, that I feel quite another person, a good man told me not to fret if I could not go to Chapel, for I had got the Holy Blefsed [sic] Spirit, and my precious Bible too, and that was better than Chapel.

My dear bother I am greatly grieved to learn that you are far from well, your health it seems gave way through the severity of the last winter, it was extremely trying to me but through your kindnefs [sic] all my wants are well supplied hardly a [??] but I were of the death of same aged person that I had a knowledge of, and the weather was so dark that for weeks indeed I think I may say for Months I could not with my dim sight see either to read or do needlework. I did feel what a sad thing it is to be so solitary and desolate, but it is the Lord who has done it, he gave and when he saw fit he took away. I dare not [murmer?]. I feel much [?] for your dear Wife's afflictions. I fear there is very little hope of a cure for Diabetes yet I have known persons live for many years who had it. I pray God that a remedy may be found for her and that you may be both spared for a long time yet to come. What a comfort that you have such a kind daughter and her good husband so near you and the sweet little ones of the third generation to enliven and cheer you. On what Sunday I watched the dying bed of a dear young girl, only 17 years of age she with her family Lodged at the [top?] floor I always [??] how her new complaint was condemnation, I take opportunities of leading her to the Lord Jesus she was born, and brought up in advance and her [family?] did not like me to speak of her needing a Savior and the forgivenefs [sic] it did send, for they were sure she had not [???].

[next pages are much illegible]

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