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W3763 TO REV THOMAS BAKER from Helen Gorham
Jan 13 1883
To: Rev. Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Hanover Villa, Ravensdale Road, Stanford Hill, London North

My dear Christian Friend

I duly received and appreciated, to me your sorrowful letter I needed no apology for your seeming delay it was very kind and I thank you for writing so soon as I was sure your nervous system would be incapacitated for long, to write the particulars of the deposition of my long and loved friend your loved partner. In the experience of your sensitive spirit, your feeling heart; the stroke is a heavy and sore one; Blefsed [sic] is the man, O Lord whom Thou chastenest, and drawest closer within the sacred pavilion of Thy loving sheltering bosom;- When we take a final adieu of those we most love there is nothing so consolatory as the belief that they are only going before us to happiness and that we shall meet again in a better country, never more to be separated, ought this not to cheer us on these dreary plains while Blefsed be God He grants us many alleviations through our pilgrim Journey dear Mrs. Pike in one of her letters said it was sometimes shade, sometime sunshine, What a mercy she remarked is it not all shade; dear friend how much I mifs [sic] her society and sweet letters, when she met with trial she had always some soothing text whereby she would comfort herself such as, God directed Moses to put a trail into the bitter waters of Marrah and they became sweet, so does the Crofs [sic] of Christ sweeten the bitter waters of trials and grief- which we meet with her- I am thankful the Lord removed her to her heavenly home before your great sorrow came on, it would have been a great grief to her.

I was pleased to read of the arrangement you have made in having a doorway so that it will be equal to being under the same roof with your loved daughter and kind Son in law- the dear little ones occasional company will in a measure take a little of the lonelynefs [sic] off your position, I trust by then you are feeling more strength in body and mind. I have received a long letter from dear Mrs. Pope and several from poor Mrs A. Marlin; I feel deeply for them they both wish I could be with them I should like very much to be when I could visit you all my bereaved and much loved friends I shall be pleased to hear from you and dear Mrs. Mac whenever you will favour me, with fond love to Mary accept my Christian regards Yours truly,


To my esteemed Friend Rev. T. Baker

I thought the following lines where [sic] so suitable and comforting I would like you to have them,

Well I know your trouble
O my servant true
Thou art very weary
I was weary too!!
But that toil shall make them
Some day all mine own,
And the end of sorrow
Shall be near my Throne
A little While

And the unquiet dream of life
Will be over and the morning without
Clouds" shall dawn, A few more
Toppings on life's tempestuous sea
And the peaceful haven shall
be enterered, Much is baffling
and perplexing to us in God's
present dealings,- What!" we
are often ready to exclaim" could
not the cup have been lefs [sic] bitter
the trial lefs [sic] severe the road
lefs [sic] rough" Hush thy misgivings
says, A Gracious, God: what
I do!! It is all my doing
My appointments

To dear Mrs. MacQuesten [sic]
From an Old attached friend-
Who feels much for in these
Her days of sorrow

Yes we believe in the communion of
Saints- the beloved from whom we
are parted by circumstances are taken
from us for a time but it is only
in presence not in heart their love
for us is now as fervent and their
interest in us as strong as when they
were with us in our earthly homes.

1 Parted friends may meet again,
When the storm of life is past,
And the spirit freed from pain,
Bask in friendships that will last-

2 Worldly cares may sever wide,
Distant far their path may be,
But the bond by death untied,
They shall once again be free,

3 Parting friends may meet,
From the toils of nature free,
Crowned with money oh! How sweet
Will eternal friendships, be,

I hope this will find you in health with all your dear little ones and loved partner and also your dear Papa- I thank you for your nice Card I hope you duly received mine. Mrs. Pope says she sent me a [?] Paper with dear Mrs [Bademin??] and two others. I did not receive any, I did not mention anything about the failure as she did not say anything about.
excuse all blunders dear one; 82 in April

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