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W3780 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his granddaughter Alice Harbin
Feb 15 1883
To: Rev. Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 236 Clarence St. London, Ontario,

My dear Grandpa

Minnie is very poorly with a severe cold & wishes me to write to thank you for your exceedingly kind letter & the very useful books you so kindly sent her- she & Lottie did not join the Church on Communion Sunday last- Tho Minister was to have called to see them relative to becoming members, but though ill health & very [?] weather did not come. They hope to join next Communion Sunday.

We all hope dear Grandpa that your health will permit you pafsing [sic] us a visit in the summer, we would be so pleased to see you & I should so much like you to see my fat girl- I have lately had some photos of her taken- I will send you one- you will see she [isn't??] at bit pretty, but she really is very fat & good natured- Minnie received a letter from Maude on Tuesday last she wrote telling us of the arrival in November of a little son.

I daresay dear Grandpa you have often thought me very reticent in not speaking to you more of Willie. I indeed do not know what to make of him, it is really as you say of him, "if he will not not help himself, how can we help him," we girls have all talked to him as kindly as sisters could talk but to no avail- when we found that he had made his mind up not to return to his grade- I offered to send him to school for a year, or longer, if he would only apply himself & then give him enough to learn telegraphing, or any other respectable business he would like. I once had hopes he would become a druggist well, after considering a long time, he at last told me, he couldn't accept my offer. The only hope I now have of him, is, that as he grows older he will become wiser.

In a letter you wrote me while in New York you kindly intimated that you'd like to know how Nellie was provided for- I could not then give you any information & cannot yet say how much we each have, I have been very much annoyed by the length of time Mr. McMillan the lawyer has been in settling the estate- some time previous to poor Edward's death he told me his estate ought to be settled in three months & Mr. McMillan has altready [sic] allowed more than a year to elapse without settling it- Mr. McMillan worded the will so carelessly that I had to apply to the Judge for his decision as to what allowance I should have for baby's her maintenance & also to be appointed my child's guardian Mr. McMillan thought the Judge's allowance would not exceed a hundred & fifty dollars- but I am pleased to say he allowed me $300 three hundred dollars per year & if boarding three seventy five per year- it quite astonished the executors & Mr. McMillan. Through Edward's being so very weak when will was made he unfortunately only has one of the Executors he intended to have had- the executors registered $24,473 but I am afraid there will be a great deal eaten up before the esate is settled.

I am thankful to write that I am very much better. Nellie and Jimmie very well, Lottie & John are not as well as usual- Wishing my dear Grandpa that my long letter will well find you & that you are in better health & that Aunt Mary & family are well- with our united kind love believe me my dear Grandpa your affectionate Granddaughter-

Alice B. Harbin-

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