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Sep 11 1883
To: Willing and Williamson, 7 & 9 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario.
From: 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario.

Dear Sirs

I am greatly obliged to you for the Catalogues sent me, and having looked over them request you will send me with Quain's Dict. and Thomson's the following Works

Tait- Book of Geology. With Illustrations. By Pontifer Archibald Geikee, 8 Vo. Also by the same, Geological Sketches, at Home and Abroad with Illustrations. 12 Vo.

Elementary Lefsons [sic] in Physical Geography and Maps. 15 mr.

Question on 15 mr. 40 cents

Grimm- Household Stories. From the collection of the Brothers Grimm. Translation from the German by Lucy Crane. Done into lectures by Walter Crane. 12 mr

Watts' Divine Songs for Children, Illustrated, Routledge [?]

Include also the catalogue by MacMillan

Barny Robert/ Rome and the Companion with engravings and Maps 4 to $20.00

I want a good Work on Rome (and could you get a good reduce of the past and present state of the ??)with illustration but with numerous good engravings. Are you well acquainted with Burn's Rome and can you recommend it as coming up to what [payment??]? If you can? Please send it with the before mentioned works.
I expect to leave Hespeler the last week of this month, Sept. The weather is becoming cold and Mr. McQuesten's family is desirous of returning to Hamilton. Please retain the work till you hear of my arrival in Ministry and that I am in Hamilton.

I am dear Sirs,
Yours truly,

Thomas Baker

P.S. Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoe, [entirely ?? Kingsley], Globe edition $1.25. ?? Illustrated? If [less??] send two copies. If not don't send--

Paragraphic Bric-a-Brac for Ladies Fair.

The Way It Struck Her

The little ragged orphan girl, who ne'er
Had a home nor known a parent's care
And who, with shoeless feet and hatless head,
Newspapers sold to earn her scanty bread,
Was taken from the city far away,
With others of her kind, one summer day,
To look upon the ocean. At the sight
Her thin, sharp face was filled with grave delight;
And some one said, "I wonder what can be
Her thoughts, poor child, about this mighty sea?"
She heard the words and quickly turned her head,
And in low tones, "I's thinkin', ma'am, she said,
"I's glad I comed, because I never sor
Enough of anything at wunst before."

Margaret Eytinge


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