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W3825 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her father Rev. Thomas Baker
Oct 10 1884
To: Mary Baker McQuesten, Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario

To Mrs. Mary McQuesten
My loved daughter,

It is with a father's affection I congratulate you on the [return/esteem??] of your natal day and can but mourn that your loved mother can no longer join with me in what was always to her a great pleasure and increased mine.

Years have pafsed [sic] away since I first looked upon your infant form, how you thanked God for giving me such a lovely little creature, and prayed him to blefs [sic] you, that you might be made a partaker of His grace, a comfort to your parents, a blefsing [sic] in society and the church of God. And for gracious answer your father only remains to praise "the Father of [?]:" for ought I know dear Ma may be taking an interest in our affairs and praising Him in heaven.

Dearly loved one, let us glance at the past. I very early with your mother became joint nurse performing my part very well for I had often nursed a baby. I was next your companion and playmate also helper in your education and counsellor till you left the parental home, with the full consent of your parents, to take charge of your own establishment: this you have done for years and therefore now must be experimentally acquainted with the joys and sorrows incidental to wedded life. God has graciously given you six dear children; five only remaining with you, lovely little Muriel He took to himself. For those remaining their parents I trust thank God that they have a fair share of physical and mental abilities, and depending on divinely promised aid with [?] to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and may they have the unspeakable pleasure of having their prayers answered on their becoming useful members of society and ornaments in the Church of God.

Well, my loved daughter, changes have taken place in our persons and circumstances. You were given to me to "train up in the way you should go." Of how that duty was performed and its results you can judge: though doubtlefs [sic] imperfectly; yet I trust, through the divine blefsing [sic], beneficially. Now in the lonelinefs [sic] of Widowhood and infirmities of age I am transferred to your care. That you may be peculiarly my comfort in my last days. I thank God that considering my age, soon to enter on my ninetieth year, my bodily and mental faculities, hearing excepted, are better than those of many not so old. I can still with pleasure and profit read the Word of God and Commentator M.Henry, good and useful publications of most kinds and I pray, that tough physical power must fail, that God in his goodnefs [sic] and mercy will continue to me such mental ability as will enable me through his grace to appreciate and adorn His loving kindnefs [sic] and tender mercy to the end. I thank the [giver??] of every blefsing [sic] for dear little grandchildren with whom I can enjoy a little play, something even to a fault!!! And I can mend their playthings. Pleasing qualifications in a Grandfather, I can also appreciate the kindnefs [sic] of their parents. I can still pray with and for them and theirs.

And now dear Mary I again congratulate you and pray our heavenly Father to give you very many, very happy returns of your Birth-day. And may it be thus to your husband and children for many years to come.

May you and all yours live to and for God: and though I must soon go the way of all the earth, I will indulge a good hope that with dear Ma, we shall all meet gain "around the throne of God and the Lamb" to celebrate the praise of redeeming grace and dying Love throughout Eternity.

Thus prays your affectionate Father

Thomas Baker

Hamilton, Ontario
October 10th, 1884

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