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Mary and Isaac on their wedding day, June 18, 1873.W3885 TO MRS. REV. THOMAS BAKER from Sarah Alexander [Seamstress]
Jul 11 1873

June 12 [1873]
To making (travelling) overskirt with deep flounce, scalloped pieces and reversed pleating all bound with silk,1
Polonaise2, cape trimmed with pleating$7.25
Body lining .53, sleeve lining .20, crinoline .301.03
Ribbon for cape .75, Dress shields .13.88
Whalebone, sewing silk.50

June 13
To making black skirt with deep flounces and ruffles and leaves, Basque3 apron front, sash trimmed with leaves
all bound with satin9.25
Body lining .53, crinoline .45, braid .181.16
Sleeve lining .25, 3 1/8 yds. Satin 2.879.25
Sleeve facing .45, Ribbon .35, Buttons .351.15
Whalebone, sewing silk .65. Dress shields .13.78

June 14
To making one mauve silk skirt with fine finished out ruffles, puffings & puffs in front. Overskirt of
Basque trimmed in pleating piped and turned back6.75
Body lining .53, skirt lining .751.28
Sleeve lining .20, Crinoline .30, Braid .15.65
4 yds silk 1.25. piped tarleton .756.08
Buttons .40, Dress shields .13.53
Whalebone, sewing silk etc..65
June 16
To making dove colour silk skirt with front and sides trimmed with ruffles & double face pleats.
Basque trimmed with folds & turn back tucks7.75
Body lining .65, Skirt lining 1.201.85
Sleeve lining .65, Sleeve facing 1.201.45
1 1/4 yds corded silk 2.25. Tassels .753.56
Ribbon .50, Buttons .28, Braid .18.96
Crinoline .45, Net for same .17.62
Dress shields .13, Whalebone, Sewing silk .65.78

June 17
To making one print skirt with four ruffles and two bands above.
Polonaise and underbody3.75
Body lining .25, Buttons .55, Braid .15.95
Silk Whalebone Thread etc..45

July 2
To making one Muslin skirt with nine ruffles in front deep flounce
and ruffles in back, Basque and pannier4 trimmed with ruffles4.50
Extra muslin .62, Ribbon for bows .451.07
Ribbon for binding .20, Thread .35.55

July 4
To making one blue silk skirt with 3 ruffles bound in five bands above stitched Empress train trimmed with braid
turn back pieces, Collar and Cuffs8.00
Body lining .53, Skirt lining .751.28
Sleeve lining .20, Crinoline .45, Braid .25.90
Muslin 1.00. Sleeve facing .451.45
4 yds blue silk 2.00. Buttons .808.80
Ribbon .30, Buss. shields .13.43
Whalebone, sewing silk etc..75

July 7
To making white muslin skirt, overskirt with Basque
trimmed with pleating.4.25
Extra muslin for skirt and hem.69
Buttons .30, braid thread etc..70

Received Payment, Toronto July 11, 1873
[signed] Sarah Alexander

1 See wedding photograph, unfortunately blurred, which indicates the voluminous material in Mary's gown.

2 Polonaise, waist and drapery in one piece worn over a separate skirt (WNCD).

3 Basque, a fitted jacketlike waist (WNCD).

4 Pannier, an expanded framework for overskirt, puffed full at the sides (WNCD).

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