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May 13 1867
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, 26 Gloucester St., Toronto, Ontario.
From: Canada Permanent Building and Savings Society, Toronto, Ontario.


Toronto, May 15th, 1867

Mr. Thos. Baker,


We enclose a [P/Abby?] to capitalize, which you will please sign and return to us with the certificate which you now hold.

Please inform us at the same time what we shall do with the surplus profits.

We still receive money on deposit at 5% interest, repayable on 30 days being given,

Yours truly

J.H. Mason Sec & Treas.

[Next page is illegible]


Toronto, 10th May 1867

SIR,- I beg to inform you that 26 accumulating Shares of $ 50.00 each, held by you in this Society, will mature on the first day of June next, and will then be payable; or the principal may be capitalized according to the Rules. The amount of each share is $63.20, the realized profits being equal to 13 per cent, per annum, simple interest, or 11 per cent, per annum, compounded half-yearly; and the total amount to which you are entitled is $1643.20; subject to the deduction of any arrears, or other liability to the Society.

The RESERVE FUND, which has been formed exclusively out of the profits appertaining to Permanent Stock, with a view to securing in the future, a regular and remunerative Dividend, to which the above shares have not hitherto contributed, now amounts to $3.98 per Share, and if you capitalize your Shares, and thereby become a participator in the benefits of said Reserve Fund, that sum will be deducted from the above mentioned profits, and added to the Reserve Fund, so as to place your Shares on a footing of equality with those which have already contributed to it. In that case, the net amount payable to you on capitalizing the above Shares will be $239.72.

The Dividends on accumulating Shares are calculated on the regular monthly instalments; and should your Shares have been paid up in advance, they will also be credited with the discount allowed for pre-payment. As the rate of discount is not equal to that of the realized profits, the same advantage is not gained on those Shares as may be expected on Permanent Stock, as on the latter the amount paid in participates at once to its full extent in the profits, and receives a proportionate dividend. These Dividends are payable half-yearly, in January and July, as advertised in the Toronto Daily Papers.

In order to ensure punctuality, and to prevent disappointment, you will please immediately inform me of your wishes as to the disposition of your Shares, by filling up and returning the enclosed Notice; on receipt of which the necessary Forms of Power of Attorney for carrying out your intentions will be supplied, should it be inconvenient for you to attend at the Society's Office.

An early return of the accompanying Notice will oblige,

Your obedient servant,
Secretary and Treasurer.

Thomas Baker Esq.


Toronto, June 1st 1867

Mr. Thos. Baker,

We enclose our Certificate No. 957 for 26 shares, deposit certificate No. 8691 for $250 and seventy two cents. So balance as follows
Surplus profit on 26 shares = $239.72
Cash received from you = 11.00
[Total] 250.72
Less, Amt. placed on deposit, as per Cert. = 250.00
Amt. enclosed (less postage) = $00.72
Yours truly,

J.H. Mason,
Sect & Treas. [Per J.C.??]


Toronto, 2nd May, 1870.

I beg to inform you that the Board of Directors have determined to re-open the Stock Books of the Society with a view ultimately to increase the Capital to $1,300,000.

In accordance with the Law, the new Stock is allotted to the present Shareholders prorata, and the number of new Shares to which you are entitled is Thirteen of $50 each.

The Shares are payable by monthly instalments in four years; and, with the profits thereon, will accumulate during that period. The first instalment, amounting to $3 per Share, will become due and payable on *1st July next, and the future instalments of $1 per share on the first day of each of the next succeding forty-seven months.

These instalments may be paid in advance, and will be credited with interest for every clear month so paid. If paid in full at the time of subscribing, a discount of $7 per Share will be allowed, reducing the total payment from $50 to $43 per Share.

At the expiration of four years from 1st July, the Shares will mature, and if paid up, may then be withdrawn or Capitalized. If Capitalized, the holder will be required, as heretofore, to contribute proportionately to the Reserve Fund, as provided by the Rules. Shares can only be Capitalized before maturity with the consent of the Directors.

Members desiring to withdraw their Shares before maturity, will be paid back the amount received, with interest.

If you reside out of Toronto, you will be please to let me know how many of the proposed new Shares you wish to take, by executing and returning the enclosed Power of Attorney to subscribe to the Rules, with the number, date, &c., filled in, at your earliest convenience. Members residing in Toronto will please call at the Office and subscribe, on or before *1st July, or can be supplied with forms of Power of Attorney, if desired.

If not taken, and the first instalment paid, by the *1st July, your claim to the new Shares will be forfeited, and all such Shares will be disposed of from time to time by the Directors, for the general benefit.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,


Secretary and Treasurer.

Revd. Thos. Baker
26 Gloucester St, City

*1st July being a Public Holiday, the 2nd will be considered as the same.

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