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W4309 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Dec 8 1882
In care of (c/o)
To: Calvin McQuesten Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten 784 Hexington Ave. N.Y.C
From: Hamilton

My dear dear Cally,

Sometimes I feel so very very lonely without you, that if it were not for the hope that you will be much better when you come home, I would start Papa off immediately to bring you home. I was so pleased to receive your dear little letter and was so astonished I could hardly believe you wrote it. Every body said "why could Cally write that himself" and thought you were such a smart boy. Tiny [Mary] often talks of writing you but so much of her time is taken up going to school and then practicing her music that it has been put off to the holidays. Tell your uncle Calvin that last winter I bought you in Montreal a beautiful white blanket coat with cap and sash to match such as the boys in Montreal wear, and that if he thinks you could wear it in New York I will send it. It is a lovely coat and would look very stylish if there is snowy weather. Be sure and let me know, for next winter it would be too small for you. But Uncle Calvin must get you another cloth over-coat too just the same.

It has been very cold to-day and lots of snow, but it was too cold to take the children for a sleigh-ride. Hilda and Ruby went out with their sleighs and liked it very much though they complained of cold toes. Both last week and this week, just for a day, poor Hilda was very sick, something like a sick-headache, and I can't understand the reason for it. We had a dreadful time in the kitchen to-night, just before ten the hot-water pipe in the kitchen burst and the water poured over the floor. Poor Katie had a great time drying it up. Now I will tell you what we have been doing, Miss Henwood and Miss Stanton1 and I have been very busy dressing two dolls for Ruby and Hilda, they don't know any thing about it, and I am telling you as a little secret. They are to have them for Xmas and I think they will be delighted for the dolls have beautiful long hair2. Now, my dear little boy, I hope you are quite well and happy and trying your very best to do what Uncle Calvin tells so that you can come home all the sooner. Grand-papa sends his love to you and Uncle C. too, he said Papa is away in Toronto. With a great many kisses and a great deal of love.

Your own Mama.

1 Servants at Whitehern.

2 These dolls are on view at Whitehern Museum in a collection of the children's toys.

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