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W4432 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Mary Baldwin McQuesten.
May 29 1899
To: Mary Baker McQuesten.
From: Mary Baldwin McQuesten, 133 Bloor East, Toronto, Ontario.

133 Bloor East
Toronto May 29th 1899

Dear Mother,

How have you existed through this terrible heat? I have been nearly cooked as Mrs. H does not like to let the furnace out because Mrs. H might get cold.

I went to see Jim Baker Friday he is still very weak, but is past danger now, was very glad to see me. Last night Calvin came up for tea and took me to Central Church as L.E. is held after church we stayed for that. Calvin introduced me to his friend Mrs. Gordon, who is entirely different to what I had pictured him, he inquired after your health and said he supposed you would be going to the meeting at Woodstock on Tuesday. Calvin was telling me that either Mrs. Gordon or Mrs. White would be the representative of the Central Church elders at the meeting in June. I also met Dr. McTavish. I bought an exceedingly nice pair of brown stockings for thirty five cents, very fine cashmere, am going to invest in another pair.

Mrs. MacKay is going to telephone & find out if they have the vests at the warehouse, also their price. Mrs. Whittemore presented me with a striped mauve and white print house, so I am very well set up. What a pretty tie you sent me Mrs. H liked it so much that she went dontown to buy one like it and ended up by paying a dollar and awuarter for one that I did not like half as well.

I went to call on Mrs. Grant last week but found her out, so must call again if the weather permits. I am glad my letter was better written then usual, am afraid this one will dash your hopes, but I have such a headache, had it all yesterday too, that I can hardly write. I suppose is is caused by heat within and without. Mrs. MacKay has been feeling very miserable, she is also in the midst of housekeeping. She wishes me to say that you must not excite yourself at the Woodstock meeting, that you must remmebr your family. May Sutherland is expected home Friday. Mrs. S. says that there is no truth whater in the report of May's engagement to young Stephens. May is quite wrathy over such a rumor getting around. The little boys sent their love to Hilda and Mrs. H. wishes mwe to send her best love. With love,

Your loving daughter
Mary B. McQuesten

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