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W4479 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 1 1901
In care of (c/o)
To: Calvin McQuesten Copp Clark Publishing Co. Toronto, Ontario
From: Whitehern Hamilton

My dear dear son,

I wish you very many, very happy returns of the day, not only for your own sake, but for my sake. Your happiness and success is mine and you have always been a great help and comfort to me, and it is a great joy to me, that you are using your life to its very best advantage. Dr. McTavish1 called on Saturday evening and he chatted a long time with us, and told me you took the C.E. meeting on the Sabbath before and gave a fine address, which of course pleased me very much. In Sabbath evening we had a most delightful preacher, the Rev. J. Idrisyn Jones, a Welsh Congregationalist, with a highly cultured voice and manner, and he preached the true Gospel in the sweetest, most winning manner. Mr. Chisholm was charmed with him, his middle name (Welsh) is a Celtic appellation given to his distinguished father and descends to the eldest son. He is to lecture on Friday evening on the British Empire and its supposed connection with the tribes of Israel. Dr. Fletcher introduced me to him as is characteristic.2 Grandpapa is almost an Admiral now according to the good doctor,3 and I am to take tea with Rev. Idrisyn Jones on Friday. Look out for him, if he comes to Toronto, he is charming.4

I wish you could see Ruby's Bible and the Hymnal, such a beautiful copy. Have not heard from Mrs. MacKay for a few days,5 but my present plans are to go down on Monday morning, the boat leaves here at 7 o'clock, but I do not expect you to meet me, will have nothing heavy to carry as am sending trunk. Good-bye for the present my dear boy, with best wishes and much love and earnest prayer that God's richest blessings may be yours.

Your loving mother

Mary B. McQuesten

1 Dr. McTavish, possibly Rev. Dr. William Sharpe McTavish (1858-1932) graduate of Knox College in 1884, pastor in Deseronto 1895-1905, Kingston 1905-11, field secretary 1911-15, pastor Madoc 1915-22 (BDKC 140; W4525, W4562, W6419).

2 Rev. Dr. Donald Hugh Fletcher (1833-1912) was the minister of the MacNab St. Presbyterian Church from 1872-1905 and pastor emeritus to 1912. He married Phyllis E. Murray in 1882, sister of William Murray, "The Bard of Athol" (For Murray, see W5990). Mrs. Fletcher was president of the WFMS at MacNab from 1887 to 1893 at which time Mary assumed the presidency. The Fletchers lived at 116 MacNab St. S., until 1905 and were then presented a house on Hess St. S. They had two children, Anne (Montague) (W5990) and Hugh Murray. Dr. Fletcher became moderator of the Synod of Hamilton and London in 1885 and moderator of the general assembly in 1903. Dr. Fletcher's brother, Rev. Dr. Colin Fletcher was also a minister (For Colin, see W4635) (BDKC 73-74; POH 78; DHB2.49, DHB2.50; Latoszek 25, Buttrum 4-5, Tyrell 137; W4479, W0038b, W-MCP1-3a.056, W-MCP1-3b.009, W4206, W4387, W4425, W4535, W4562, W4635, W4713, W4717, W4803, W4815, W4835, W4877, W4963, W4977, W5012, W5022, W5109, W5122, W5199, W5330, W5512, W5524, W5765, W5832, W5850, W5868, W5942, W5960, W5970, W5976, W5990, W6053, W6075, W6177, W6223, W6236, W6250, W6252, W6256, W6336, W6343, W6419, W6446, W6683, W6853, W6999, W7080, W7339, W7380, W7420, W7463, W7769, W8787, W9068).

3 "Grandpapa" was Mary's father, Rev. Thomas Baker (1796-1887). He served in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812 as first lieutenant on the St. Lawrence. He began his Congregational Church ministry in Kingston in 1835. In 1870 he was granted the rank of "Commander in H.M. Fleet" and a retirement pension. His correspondence is in Section 7 of the Calendar (W2800 to W4244; Minnes 1).

4 I have found no further information for Rev. Idrisyn Jones.

5 Mrs. MacKay was Mary's good friend in Toronto, see W4297.

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