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W4510 TO CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother T.B. McQuesten.
Jan 21 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten,
From: T.B. McQuesten, 329 James St., Hamilton, Ontario.

329 James St
Jan 21st 1902

My Dear Cal

Rec'd the paper to-day and it brought doubly to my mind the fact that I have owed you a letter for a long time, but I have not written before for want of new.

Think your write is very good indeed, can't it [int??] and just it with the rest of my newspaper cuttings. It was very sad about Gordon Clark. It must have been a great shock to his family. Jimmy Manor declared all the lectures off this morning on account of his funeral I suppose he was in his course. Mary has been here for well into two weeks now. Last Sunday I spent my time for Ma and took to Mrs. McTavish's church in the evening. He did not preach himself but a Mrs. Wilson from Central India gave a sermon of some hour duration, I could not keep awake. After the service Mary saw the Dr. I think he looks very well.

In the evening Mrs. Gandier preached at Central, he is a very fine earnest-man and preached a remarkably good sermon. He does not mind matters at all, altho he does not thunder against the people in an offensive way.

You seem to have been having a good deal of snow shoeing in Montreal. Here we have not had any weather for it at all. I think I would much prefer your [winter??], how do you like it.

Things I expect will soon be in full swing in the election time at Varsity. The "Old Git" as usual will have quite a large majority I think, I hope they do measure as far as I can, an the business managership is coming my way all right. That will mean a years expenses about $250 or $300, and if I get the assistant next year that will mean about $50, I am sure of getting that am going over tommorrow, to see about the surveying of & can get a job an that with the $500 from Varisty & Mrs. Chisholms $100 I can scrape the next year.

We gave a tea for Mary [?] on our flat on Monday and Clara and Gladys Sutherland came too. We sent them away full and happy.

Went to see Mrs. Stevenson on Sunday after Sunday next Hart Brantfoot opened the door. But of course I did not know him altho I thought it was he. However when I have him my name he did not make any argument so I thought I must have been mistaken, however Mrs. S said it was he. She is down here to try some examination in about 6 weeks time. He had been here for about a month and Mrs. Stevenson doesn't know whether she can hold him for 6 weeks more as he is [sick??] of civilization long ago and wants to be back to the woods.

Well my dear Cal there is little more news as will close as it is 12:30 P.M. am studying late just now as I have to settle down,

Your loving brother,

P.S. There is English note program sent in from Arthur Bennett who is here just now


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