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W4513 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Mary Baldwin McQuesten.
Jan 23 1902
To: Mary Baker McQuesten.
From: Mary Baldwin McQuesten.

66 Bloor St. West
Toronto Jan 23rd 1902

Dear Mother

Did the storm trouble you very much? It was terrific here a perfect gale and snow 16 inches deep, but in spite of the snow quite a number turned out to our tea. The table looked very pretty indeed with pink roses and green smiles, the shades on the globes of the chandalier were of pink stripe paper but alas and alack they went up in flames at the beginning of the show and caused quite a "diversion". Monday, Clara, Gladys & I went to a Tea held at the residence of T.B. McQuesten which was most enjoyable. The poor boys or boy, must have broken themselves or himself. We had coffee cakes, ice cream, chocolate mousse and candies. The boys certainly have very good quarters. The bedroom is a good size, the drawing room most artisitic, the study is very bare, but Tom says that there should be nothing to distract their minds. We were received by Tom and Herbie Bill also by Peter who is a most intelligent canine. Mrs. Hewitt came in a few minutes later and seems a very pleasant, kind-hearted and gentlemanly fellow but alas, not much for looks although he's good looking compared to Sandwell Charle Locke was a little late as he had to view a body for a coroner and had to fight off a preist and an undertaker, like a dog guarding a bone he declared.

The parlor has fit has a handsome red shade which Charlie put there because it was becoming to their complexion also to his dark hair he said. Harry Hepew arrived just as we were leaving. They certainly know how to do things we were nearly overcome with the refreshments. It was really very good of the boys. Charlie also showed us his treasure, a child's leg and arm in alcohol. I called on Mrs. MacKay last Friday and thanked her.Leila will not be able to be up for at least five weeks. Don't you think I had better come home Saturday I seem to have been away such a long time and that Mrs. Stevens is coming down again. The Sutherlands are most anxious I should stay, but I am not. Am sure Hilda must be tired , to say nothing of your own dear little self. If you could send me a card letting me know what I had better do it would simplify matters. I don't think I could stay after next Wed anyway. They have no black gloves at the warehouse. Mrs. M thinks she may have a pair in the house but as the gloves nearly to shoulder only cost 65 cents do not think it worth while to trouble her for she will be so upset by Gordon Clark's death. Mrs. C. seems completely broken down.

Well as it is getting late and I must call at the Hills as Ma has been twice to see me but I was out, will have to close with loves and kisses to yourself and the rest, Your loving daughter,

P.S. Please don't forget to drop me a card Remember I am not anxious to remain but will do whatever you think best for Hilda . Exeunt

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