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W4546 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby McQuesten
Feb 12 1902
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten [Montreal Quebec]
From: [Ottawa Ladies' College]

My Dear Cal,

You are really a duck to offer me your snow shoes and I'll be perfectly delighted to get them only I think you're making me too big a present. The idea of calling it shabby to present me with a perfectly good pair of snow shows when they are supposed to last for years. And to tell you the truth my dear brother I'd much rather have yours than any I'd buy, for I like them just so much better because they have been yours. But I think it's far too much for you to give me such a present. Let me pay for them as I would have and to pay if I had bought them. Now will you let me know honest truth if you have enough or not be offended if I send a couple dollars in another letter, for I'm sure with moving & the high rent you have to pay there you must be short of money--and you must get your larger pair of snow shoes. Now be sure & tell me square. 1

I was perfectly delighted with your letter the other day--it was such a satisfying one--it was so nice to hear that you hadn't had to part with the gang but were all there together. I was quite proud of your descriptive ability particularly its artistic element. Your dresser must be quite fine, gay I should say--can't quite imagine that sponge bag improving the other colors--I really think it would be better out of sight but your room must really be very pretty, you have quite a few pretty things. Someday my son you shall have the pictures promised you & a home for it.2

I hope that you'll find a use for Miss Hostetter's present--I should say it was meant for a hair receiver but that was hardly meant for you.

Your snow shoes between your windows is quite an idea--I feel quite sporty at the thought of getting them in my window--Hurrah! I've been having a pretty good time lately--no lectures for awhile--on Friday night went to Mrs. Hays & stayed till Sat. afternoon. Had a good change--slept with Miss Sutherland & talked till all hours & slept till nine & had breakfast at ten & spent a cosy morning & had all the spare corners of my valise filled with candies, biscuits, apples etc., like a schoolgirl when I came away early in the afternoon. Then I worked at reports & went out for tea & came back & finished them by about midnight. Monday was my duty day & last night Tuesday I went to an organ recital with the Maclarens & we nearly disgraced ourselves laughing at the soloist Chrystal Brown--alias John Brown. To night I'm going with them to see a Hockey Match. So you see I'm not very sober.

And now my dearest brother must close with many thanks for your cheering letters & much love.


P.S. Tell Ken to hurry up the moves.3

1 Snow-shoes were mentioned in Ruby's letter of February 6, 1902, W4539 and W4559.

2 Ruby is an excellent artist and many of her paintings are on view at Whitehern.

3 Ken was mentioned in Ruby's letter of February 6, 1902, and in several of their mother's letters during the first part of 1902. In this letter there is the suggestion that he is delaying something important. Kenelm Trigge proposed to Hilda McQuesten and they became engaged in Sept., 1902 (W4635), but the romance failed because the McQuesten family, especially Mary Baker McQuesten, did not approve of Ken's work as a travelling representative, which involved drinking and "treating" other men with alcohol. See W4635. Kenelm Trigge

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