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W4568 TO CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Hilda McQuesten.
Feb 26 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten Calvin McQuesten. [Montreal, Quebec]
From: Hilda McQuesten, Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario.

Feb 26th 1902.

My dear Calvinus

As soon as we find out what the Rich's are going to do we will let you know. I will be there in time to think about it. Mither's foot was very well last Sunday at least she could have gone to Toronto but on Sunday her eyes looked red and felt sore so when Dr. Heurner came up, he pronounced it erysipelas, Mother was afraid of it as sore as it [??] looking red. It was quite a disappointment, she had been looking forward to going to Toronto for so long. We have been doing all we could to keep her eyes from getting worse but it looks just [??] sore. Heurner comes every morning but I suppose it has to run its course for as yet it does hot look much better. Mother has got so nervous with Icing in bed she hardly knows what to do with herself. We hope it will soon be better. Helen Gartshore passed through to day on her way from London to Toronto. She was at Helen Locke's for lunch and called here this [??] she is looking very well, they are to have your delegates staying with them.

There was an accident at the C.P.R. station this monring as a result one delegate from the States had to have his leg amputated at the city hospital. It seemed so sad, an he was just on his way to the Convention what an awful ending. Mother's mind is at least at rest for her will is signed and witnessed by Mrs. Mullin & Mrs. Irving, one thing off her mind. Fan Turner is to be married in the church on 25th of May. I expect it will be very grand.

Jesse Bell's is on the 5th of april it is to be very quiet. I went to see Mary Lyle the Tuesday and she [dilalid?] on the virtues of "Allie" dear, she is most desperately soft and thinks he is an angel "there never could be anything fast about him" she says "poor Mary!" innocent kid that she is.

You must have had quite a delightful time with your cold, I think they certainly were very decent to you. I long for a chocolate eclair. Arthur Frizze was up Saturday he went back Sunday night. I am wondering if there was anything special that he came up. Things are as exciting as ever here nothing going on whatever. We gave a little tea for Helen Mullin last Thursday, Tuesday I went to station to see her off, quite a number were there. She had a beautiful bunch of violets that Mrs. Legget had given her so she looked quite [/] as Mrs. M. remarked. Mrs. M. came for tea in the evening. Will let you know later how weather is, with best love from all, your loving sister,

Touse [Hilda]

Mother says to say she was very much pleased with your letter it cheered her immensely that you were such a sensible boy! skum! and she was glad to hear that you took such good care of yourself and that Ken was there to look after you.1

1 Calvin was working in Toronto in 1902 at the Toronto Times as a journalist. It appears that Hilda is writing in her mother's place. The "Ken" to whom she refers at the end of her letter is likely Ken Trigge, who was also working in Montreal and living in the same boarding house as Calvin. Ken is the young man to whom Hilda became engaged but the engagement was broken. (see W4635)

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