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W4572 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby McQuesten
Jan 27 1902 Thursday morning
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten [Montreal, Quebec]
From: [Ottawa Ladies' College]

My dear Cal,

Your letter has just come & as I have a spare period I thought I'd scribble you a line tho' it certainly won't compare with your fine big epistle. It is good to hear you speak of your ping-pong parties--it certainly is a fine game though we haven't played it since coming back after the holidays--but we had so many good games tho' that the pleasant memory still is in my mind. There don't seem to be many people here who have it--if I knew any I'd suggest they invite me.

I've been having a pretty good time tho' lately--like you with something every night--Monday a lecture in young Womens' Club--Tuesday a skating party at the Gallup. We had a very jolly time--went to the rink quite a little party of us & skated till ten o'clock & then went over to Mrs. Gallup's & had supper & told stories & had our hands read etc. which made a lot of fun. I didn't have my palm read, at least not by the true fortune teller but another man looked at my heart line & said I would never break my heart over any man which I thought let me down easy, for once before a lady told me I was a flirt & that really sounds badly you know when there are gentlemen around. So I didn't press the question of having my hand read--tho' I can't say I have a guilty conscience in that direction.

Then last night John McLaren Esq. took me to a hockey match & Lollie & he escorted me home. To-night we are going out to spend a quiet evening with a gay ex-teacher of the College. And to-morrow night is the preparatory service so the time goes. 1

By the way--about Jack Rioch's present or the bride's--I would like to put in something and the Mither was saying in her letter that she was going to put in with you. What did you think of giving? It is so awkward sending to the States. I don't know whether I'd be supposed to give to the bride--I'd rather give to Jack as I never saw Miss Pierson tho' it doesn't make much difference & then of course I'm not awfully wealthy; but just tell me what you are planning.2 FRIDAY You see I didn't finish yesterday after all. My time was pretty full--at noon I had an early dinner & went to the dentist to have my tooth really filled at last. Then after school I went away out to call on Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Milne of the Globe and Mrs. Rose the wife of the superintendent of the Chinese Mission & reached house by half past six. The roads are dreadful for walking now. Well good-bye, my dear old boy & take care of yourself & play ping pong--with much love.


[D.V.] The latest perfume is ping pong but it is an awful scent, a libel on the game.

1 This letter provides a good outline of the of the types of recreation, sports, games and parties that were held in 1902.

2 For more on the Rioch family, see W4582.

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