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W4576 TO [Rev.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Hilda McQuesten.
Mar 5 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten.
From: Hilda McQuesten, Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario.

March 5th 1902

My Dear Cal

Mrs. Mullin and I went down yesterday to the Meriden works to see what we could see! They had very few duplicates, that is things here which can be ordered through the states, and very kind of silver or sever plated article seemed very dear.

The only thing we saw which we thought would do was a $4.50 silver salver (very pretty) which we could get for $3.00 through Mrs. Vallance (Mrs. Mullin managed that). There was a $10.00 silver plated [vegetable??] or pudding dish which we could get for $7.50 but it looked rather common & cheap. So if you like the idea of a Salver you might send it to Mrs. & Mrs. [??] Mother didn't think it would be nice to just send it back. Mother will try and look out for some little thing to send herself. I went around to all the jewellery stores but everything seemed awfully expensive and then there would be the bother of customs for we don't [??] of anyone going to the States and none of the Rich's are going on account of expense. Mother is getting along very well, she came down yesterday for dinner went back to bed to us and then got up for tea, it was perfectly lovely having her down again it is miserable to have your meals at home with your Mother. She cannot read or write yet and is just aching to do with the fomer and latter but we must let her as soon as she is well enough. I am going to get her to an enlist.

Very sad about Mrs. T Macdonald is it not? We are losing a great many old friends these days. Had a letter from Geills McCrae inside the said that pack was to send on the 19th from New York to Germany, he will visit Venice then go to Prague to study for some time, going to London in the Midsummer suit the entire trip. Dr. Smith of St Catherines addressed us in the Sunday School Monday morning and Sr Ratcliffe Tuesday evening they were with splendid in [quite??] hence enjoyed Robert Speers immensely. In the morning at church he carried a girl out who painted, which he said was unavoidable, the meetings must have been splendid. He did not hear Mrs. Mott for you had to have tickets, hear him and Tom could not get me, I think they should have let the Toronto people have a chance to hear him. Mrs. James & Kelly went down, neither of them have returned home of it. [Milton?] Patriarch went down for me Sunday he said Tom was looking to picking up health. Be sure and lend your card to us as soon as possible with love form all,

Touse [Hilda]

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