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W4601 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 4 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear Cal,

Once more I am in the bosom of my family, came home on Friday evening and we have been groaning with heat ever since. I have such fine sleeps at St. Mary's, that I feel much better, though one is almost helpless in such weather. Tom feels the heat frightfully he is so full blooded, his face looks bursting. Have been writing Mrs. MacKay. Mary says Mr. M. seemed very far gone when she was there, he is in his 88th year1.

"Drummond in Britain," your Tatler was fine2 Tom thought it the best yet, gave it to Mr. Chisholm, he says he likes to read your articles, they are so bright3. Mr. Brierley may not be able to help it, but his dealings with you are certainly very dishonest in my opinion4. Have you sent your pieces to Mr. Colquhoun5? If you have when you come up, you can call & see him & tell him about them.

Now as to the canoe, I have tried to make up my mind to stand it, but simply cannot, the anxiety is more than I can stand, your time at home will be very brief and the girls want to have all the fun with you possible. We are planning various diversions and want to enjoy every moment of your stay, it will be all too short. I feel as if I could not let you out of my sight. Besides I know you need all your money6. Am afraid it scarcely pays to come up by boat as you only see "The Thousand Islands." Well, my dear, must close as it is very late and will write again soon, with fondest love.

Your affectionate Mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For the MacKay family, see W4297.

2 I have been unable to find the article "Drummond in Britain" in any of the "Tatler" columns or in any other pages of the Herald for this period.

3 For James Chisholm, see W2520

4 Mr. Brierley was the managing director of The Montreal Herald, and the person to whom Calvin tendered his resignation in September 1903 (W7438, W5105).

5 A.H.U. Colquhoun was with The Mail and Empire in Toronto. He may have been related to the Hamilton Colquhouns who had ten children (W4549). Calvin did contact Colquhoun and on October 13 and December 23, 1902, Colquhoun wrote to him about vacancies in journalism in Toronto (W7356, W7374).

6 Calvin and Tom had been plotting a "canoe scheme" and Tom had found a canoe for $11. He asked Calvin to write to his mother about purchasing same: "If you think the scheme is good write to Mamma as soon as possible dwelling upon the advantages and especially the fun you will get out of it" (W4592). Apparently, she refused. In July 1904, Tom wrote to Cal that he had purchased a "little bark canoe from Aylmer that you can lift with one hand"; however, he was very nearly "swamped" in it and "had to bale with [his] hat for dear life" (W8176).

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