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W4605 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 16 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

Dear Cal,

We were very sorry to hear you had been having such a time with Ken.1 Sandwell called yesterday, of course just before he was leaving for fear I suppose, we would take up his time by inviting him to something. I felt rather mean about it, received a note in the morning from the Waldorf that he would call about 12.30. When I discussed the propriety of asking him to lunch, none of the family would hear of it, and as I have none of the trouble, I had to yield; as a consequence the young man sat on till a few minutes of two. The family have now decided another time it would be better to ask visitor to stay. Well, Sandwell told me how Ken had an attack of pain once when they were just about to sit down to dinner one evening, so I have been telling the Uncle about it and he declares it is colic and it takes a skilful doctor sometimes to know the difference, it seems strange if appendicitis could come and go like that. But I was very sorry to hear of Ken having any such trouble.2 Yesterday was a succession of visitors in the afternoon. Ina and Muriel Hills came and Sydney Stevenson, anything to equal the chattering and laughing it would be hard to find. Then in the evening, Ruby was sitting on the steps, Tom & Edna Nellie & Walter James were playing tennis and I was picking the old roses off the bushes when a stranger appeared and this was Mr. Johnson. We liked him at once the girls trotted him round the garden where there are avenues of holly hocks and he seemed to admire everything. We chatted away in the steps and then we brought him into the drawing room and had soft drinks and cake I do not know when I met such a gentlemanly pleasant fellow and very good looking. It is very fortunate for you to have him to play tennis with and for a friend. Was so glad that our chandelier is in order now, the new globes are if anything prettier than the old & all the crystals are on, so that it is really beautiful and I took pains with Uncle's directions to have the night burners put on, so as not to crack the globes.

You would see by the paper about poor Nan Surna [?] losing her husband. Only six weeks married, exactly four from the day they left Toronto. It is really a terrible blow for all of them. We heard it was inflammation of the brain, a two hours' illness but know nothing more. Mrs. Turner was at Winnipeg on her way out and Mary at Muskoka, when I called this morning. Dr. Mrs Fletcher went to Muskoka on Monday morning, Gillie's Eadie who supplies the pulpit, preaches fairly well and is quite agreeable, was here on Saturday for tennis and tea. When you come home bring Van Dyke's "Ruling Passion" with you. Would like to read it. Have you Walter Scott's "Fair Maid of Perth." It seems strange we cannot find it among our Waverley's though there are 27 Vols. Uncle C. wishes to know if the Herald is a dollar a year to ministers, if so he would get Rev. Gauld to take it for him. Let me know. Hamilton is really terribly dull. Met Joe Thomson this morning, he said they were just waiting till Laura [Hofstetter] would come home to have a "McQuesten Day." I hoped he would put it off till you come. Mrs. I's [Irving?] sister Mrs. Blair & two daughters are there. You met Katie, I think. Mrs. Stevenson and Miss Proudfoot called to-day, Mrs. Vincent and old Mrs. Moncur have gone to Pen-Yan but think Mrs I. has not yet given up her house.

If you enjoy the water it would be refreshing to come by the boat, I suppose you mean to come all the way by boat or do you take train from Toronto. The boats get in sometime in early morning. It would be nice to go back by route that goes down the rapids. Thankful the weather keeps so moderate for your sake. With much love darling boy

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Likely Kenelm Trigge who proposed to Calvin's sister Hilda but was rejected because he did not abstain from alcohol. See W4635, letter and footnote.

2 See W4613.

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