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W4613 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 23 1902
To: Montreal Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

It is a good thing you are not having your holidays this month for the rain would prevent any pleasure trips. It has rained everyday since Friday and often poured, to-day it was a great thunderstorm. Received a most comical note from Sandwell with reference to a cane he had left. From the initials we gather it belonged to the lady-love's uncle. Some people say the girl is misleading poor S. She does not admit any engagement. Well, my dear, we were greatly amused with the stories, yours was quite original it seemed to me, the others felt they had heard them before. Tom at once wished to know what you were going to do with the dollar. And when Edna came in for a few minutes to-day (she is out in the country) and we told her the story she immediately, the little wretch, wondered if you would give her fifty cents. Now I want to know Calvin, how you are planning about your clothes, you know I should like you to have a Prince Albert coat and topper and if you come up on the boats, will you be able to get these. Of course I would like you to get the fresh air, but I wonder if the broken rest on these boats and the little you see would be worth it. If you suggest to Steamboat Co. to write it up would they give you a pass. At any rate think I would use pass home by railway and take steamer down if you can afford it. Will inquire the rate for going down from here. Then if you wanted to take one of those palace steamers the Toronto or Kingston they leave Prescott about 11 a.m. and I think it is about $4.00 including meals. R. [Ruby] paid $8.10 including R.R. fare from Ottawa, but then you would have to get off on the Friday morning in order to reach home before Sunday. So that would not do. Think it would be better to come home by rail and if you have any money to spare go back by boat, & have all the time with us you can. I am getting a 50 trip ticket for the Beach, and the trips to Toronto altogether will give you some fresh air. I thought your remarks on Prof. Adams1 wonderfully good, indeed the Tatler is very good altogether & fills up a lot of space; it must be exceedingly trying to Mrs. MacKay, to see a young man put in her husband's pulpit and one with such notions, for there was no nonsense with Dr. MacKay. Do you know I think the price of the Herald too cheap, the Times is now 3.60 and it seems to one the Herald ought to be as much as the Globe. Do you want David Copperfield? We have been straightening the library and there are blanks. You can get any of Dickens at the Public library can you not?

As the weather has been so wet have been giving Tom all the indoor jobs possible, such as cutting up kindling wood and putting new cords in the windows. He studies every morning and works in the afternoon, but he really has no fun at all for he has not a single friend. Sandwell in his note said you were "well & happy and Trigge well but not happy as he could not eat anything." I wish he could find some skilled doctor who could tell him whether it was colic or appendicitis. Uncle you know thinks it was probably colic. It is a pity for him to be starving himself for nothing.2 He had a long letter from Geils McCrae, she had [been] away at a wedding in Cleveland a very grand affair. Just to think you will (D.V.) start for home next week it seems too good to be true. Do hope the weather will be fine. St. Swithin's day was unfortunately wet. Good-bye my dearest boy.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 See "English 'Standoffishness,'" Box 13-023.

2 Kenelm Trigge, whose proposal to Hilda McQuesten was rejected (W4635), suffered poor health for some time, see W4605.

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