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W4657 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Sep 26 1902 Friday afternoon, 3:30,
To: Montreal Quebec,
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My dearest Cal,

There is a few minutes to spare, so that I would drop you a line. Many thanks for your papers. Your last letter was fine. I liked particularly your article about the doing away of the sword. It seems to me an article like that would be splendid for a magazine. I think it is beautifully written. You certainly should get more for your ideas and your way of expressing them.1

I had a letter from the Mither today and from Hilda the beginning of the week. In Hilda's letter she showed just good spirit. She is thoroughly angry with Ken & was going to tell him that his affections weren't worth much if he couldn't give up that much for her sake. I quite agree with her that she would never feel safe & happy once Ken was away, knowing he took anything. We're really thankful to you for finding out the truth so well and now that he has told Hilda he can't give up spirits, it has given her an opportunity of settling matters. Because though Ken is a nice, manly, gentlemanly, kind fellow--he really is not a fine enough character for Hilda. He hasn't enough strength of will, I'm sure and his moral senses--if you call them that--are not just keen because we from the Plum style of religious training. And so if Ken has to keep on his way--I just trust that this offer will soon be of the past & Tousie [Hilda] will not worry over it. She says she's not going to bother her head about it. For Tousie is a thoroughly fine character. She's not of the reading kind like us old boy2--but she's such a thoroughly unselfish won [sic] and that I often wish I were like her. And she is a real Christian too and would be unhappy to be continuously having to live on a lower level.3

Well old boy this week has flown like last year's weeks went. On Sat. I had a good game of tennis at a Miss Duff's a friend of the MacLarens. On Sunday I went as usual to church and my Chinamen. My Chinaman presented me with a fine photo of himself and nine others. It is really good and I wish I could show you it. He is evidently very proud of it. Miss Johnson a missionary from China addressed them in their own language.

Monday was my duty day & Tues. afternoon I called on Marion Marsh--you know Judge Proudfoot's grandfather who is in the [Govt.] Buildings.

On spare evenings I've been making myself a pair of those cloth curtains. I think they're very pretty & total cost is 35 cents--7 yds. at 5 cents. I'm getting practical, hoorah!

Today I've invited Emily McLaren to a little five o'clock tea the girls are having & she's going to sing. Well my dear old boy I must close. I know you're very busy so don't mind not having a letter but I'll be very glad when it comes.

In the Art Room I'm doing a little study of phlox drummondii, pink, dark red & white. I hope it turns out decently. Every time I start a study I feel like simply giving up it looks so hopeless but I stick at it.

Well old chap, don't work too hard. "Enjoy yourself." With much love and a good old hug.

Your ever affectionate sister,


P.S. You'd better burn this letter.

1 Calvin was working as a journalist with the Montreal Herald, but we have been unable to locate this particular aticle. Many of his articles are not signed; however, many of his "Tatler" articles are signed and appear on this site.

2 Ruby and Calvin were kindred spirits, both scholarly, cultured and artistic. For Biographical Sketches on each, click on "Family" on the Home Page and then on their individual pictures.

3 This is a reference to Hilda's broken engagement to Kenelm Trigge, and it is obvious here that Ruby and the whole family agree with her mother and sister about rejecting him, see W4635. Interestingly, the post-script contains instructions to destroy the letter, and there are other letters that contain similar instructions which clearly were not followed.

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