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W4661 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 1 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

Since I wrote you last you have been travelling about a great deal, and working very hard. It seems such a strain upon you to be working night and day. But it was interesting for you to hear Mr. Tarte. Now-a-days we are indeed to doubt a politician and I find myself not trusting any man who belongs to a party but it seems as if there are times, when circumstances alter cases and when one is forced to protect oneself. I hope you had fine weather in Quebec than we had here, for it has been raining a great deal. The "Tatler" just arrived. I do not know, with all you had to do last week, how you could possibly manage to write so ably about the magazine question. For your age, it is to me simply wonderful, the amount of information you seem to have, and I was thoroughly angry with Mr. Brierley for hinting at your slowness. Mr. Colquhoun said, you were not slow, that you wrote very quickly in his opinion. You cannot write well and write fast. It is impossible. You have to take time for thoroughly good writing. I cannot help thinking, that he is another, who not having had a classical education, does not fully appreciate real niceness of expression. The paper may not be paying (Uncle Calvin heard it was) and he may not be able to pay you more, but he need not hint at your slowness. So I trust you will not drive yourself to death. You give now far more than you receive; and I wonder how you are going to hold out working so steadily all the time. Why you must have every minute filled up. About the water proof. Unless you are sure of the quality, a rubber one is not very satisfactory. Would you not like a rain-coat? They have them here at Oak Hall for from $10 to $16. Very nice ones which Mr. Smith recommends. They do not recommend them for driving in heavy rains but for ordinary rain they answer & also for a light over-coat. We have been very busy getting Tom ready to go off in the morning. By the paper we see he has passed his "Sup." He has a room at 58 Alexander St. He has been doing all he can for us picking pears & cutting grass & wood. Hope to send you a couple of baskets to-morrow. Hope you will keep a good share for yourself.

Am thankful to have got all the clothing for the North-West out of the house to-day. I have it on my mind so many months. The pears are very large and fine this year. Dr. Lyle came in last night and gave us six tickets to see the wedding in the church. Thought it was so kind of him, he would have liked to ask us all to the wedding, but he told us how many they were obliged to ask. I told you Tom & Hilda were asked, H. will go but Tom will be away & vows he would not go any way.

I do hope you will not mind what Mr Brierley says and hurry yourself to death. He is talking nonsense. If you wrote twice as much they would not give you any more pay, so do not listen to them, but do what you can. It would be very nice for you to go to New York the first chance you get. Well, my dear boy, this is all. No news at all, take good care of yourself my darling boy, and do not be too anxious. With much love from all.

Your loving Mother

Mary B. McQuesten

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