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W4665 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby McQuesten
Oct 6 1902 Monday Evening
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: [Ottawa Ladies' College]

My dearest Cal,

I was so glad to get your fine long letter--it was most interesting. Certainly everything seemed to fit in in your meeting the various people you wanted to see and you must have made the best out of your short visit to Quebec--it is wonderful how much you saw I think.

And so you had a letter on it from Alex Grant. I would like to see him--not perhaps just as you saw him with regard to his figure. It will be fine for you though if you ever get a chance at New York to have someone to stay with.

This week we expect to be busy with the meetings of the Christian Endeavour Union. By the way they wouldn't like you to report the affair would they? It would be great if you could take a trip up if you're not tired out with jaunting & hard work. Wednesday night we expect to be the best Charles Gordon is going to speak & some others.1

By the way my son, do you realize that Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday [October 16, 1902]. What are your plans--do you really think of getting home. What about your wife in Ottawa--I'm afraid it would be hardly honest to get a pass for yourself and wife--even if you could--and take me. But if you can't get home your wife in Ottawa, 2 would be glad to have you here and it will be a pleasanter Thanksgiving than last year, for it is earlier and the signs of summer are not quite gone.

Thanks for your papers. I was glad to read such a clear account of the difficulty of finding bottom for the Quebec pier--I never realized the enormous difficulty of the matter. We take so much for granted thinking little of the labour it means to someone to have the various things that we take as necessities, did you hear Mary Lyle was to be married on the 14 of Oct.?

Did you know Uncle [Alex?] sends me Hamilton papers twice a week. I had a letter from the 'bard' which ends up with,
As of time you're such a saver
Then no longer must I 'haver'
Yours Sincerely
Now and yearly
Warm as Curry
Wm. Murray

Also had a letter from Grace Lawson in Goderich, from Jean Fulton an old girl now in New Orleans, the James's & odd epistles besides, of course home letters.

Well my dear old boy must say Good-night. Don't feel it on your mind to write if you're busy. With very much love.


1 Charles Gordon was one of the advocates of the "Social Gospel Movement." He also used the pseudonym of Ralph Connor for his fiction writings, see W5359.

2 Calvin was never married; however, there is a likely explanation for the mention of Ruby as his "wife": presumably Calvin was able to get free passes on the railroad for a wife through his job at the Montreal Herald; however, in order to travel on Calvin's ticket, Ruby would need to pose as his wife. Similarly if Calvin took a free ticket to Ottawa he would need to pose as wanting to visit his wife there.

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