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W4694 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Nov 5 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Calvin,

This evening came a letter from Ruby with the startling news that scarlet fever had broken out at the college, six girls are down with it. Jean and Eleanor Ross among the number and Ethel Paul from Montreal. In the first place there were an epidemic of grippe, then some cases developed the fever. So Miss Curie has had to move everything out of the Art room and they have taken it as it is a large room on top story for the fever patients, three nurses engaged, a bath-room had to be put into that story, the men had to work all day and on till two o'clock Tuesday morning. Just fancy the confusion and upsetting. Poor Mrs. Ross and that ill-fated college, just when everything promised so well. After the scarlet fever patients went upstairs the nurses went with them and the teachers had to attend to the rest going their rounds with gargles and medicines & meals. Of course the girls upstairs will be there till Xmas, the others are quarantined for ten days and after that if the boarders want to go home and day scholars do not return, Mrs. Ross seems to think they had better close till after Xmas, if so Ruby will be home for a long holiday. I hope she will get her pay.

Mr. Brace gave a full account of burglary, took me round to see the window they climbed in by and duly warned us. It must have been some one who watched their movements, it was on a Saturday evening while they are all out just for a short time. They returned by the one window unfastened.

Yesterday we had at our Auxiliary meeting a very interesting speaker, a Miss Croit from Jamaica. She had been missionary in India for years but her health failing there, was sent out by Scotch Church to work among the East Indians in Jamaica, she gave such high praise to our Dr. Grant of Trinidad who had indeed done more for the work than anyone else by lending his two best native preachers to start the mission. Mr. Fletcher's friends the Hendersons in Jamaica gave her a letter to Mr. F., that is how she came.

After our meeting we had five o'clock tea in the manse. Mrs. Vincent finally left to-day with many regrets. I shall miss her very much. A letter from Tom tells that he was not in any of the Halloween frays, am glad the faculty is going to follow up those stupid Toronto police they must be regular block heads.

Mrs. Lyle cannot say enough as to kindness of the Warden family to Mary. The last thing when Mary was leaving Mr. Dunton put two $20.00 gold pieces into her hand to buy herself anything she wanted in New York, after giving her such handsome presents, & wrote Mrs L. such a nice note after they were in Montreal.

Tom said he "went down with the bunch" to the Princess the students filled two galleries, one of the SPS took a live hen, which he let loose & it lit on neck of a lady who "jumped about ten feet" and the hen flew cackling and squawking up the aisle.

Our "Tatler" did not come this week. To-morrow the girls are giving small "Tea" for May Stevens. Yesterday Hilda went with Emily Colquhoun to an "at Home" of the Wentworth Historical down at Stoney Creek enjoying herself very much.

Graham [sic] Stewart made her own wedding dress, beautiful lace work, took her nearly three years, she was offered $400 for it, she has gone to the old country for a year and expects to be presented. I do hope Hedley has sent those things to Ken, he promised faithfully to do so & I forgot to go in again to ask. Must close to catch the post, hope you get the pears etc. Take good care of yourself dear dear boy. Love from all.

Your loving Mother

M.B. Mcquesten

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