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W4771 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 5 1903 Thursday
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

Dear Cal,

Just received your letter. Thought I had said to leave it to broker to get anywhere between 275-280. Will be well satisfied with 276. Think it very wise to go to some one you know, I should think it would be easier to get a good price for just two Shares than several. As you say $20 for Bold St. is distressingly small and when I think of it, it makes me almost desperate, but I cannot enumerate the defects in the houses for people keeping boarders and only that class will take them at all. I trust Mrs. Hill will do so well as to give me the $45 and she will I know take good care of the them so that I will not have so many repairs to make.1 Spent the whole of this morning with Milne and Stevenson as to the heating, it has been so defective, no registers at all in the three upstair rooms, & boarders will not stay unless rooms are warm. Stevenson says they now fit an arrangement on to the furnace, so that you can put coils into the rooms. Then I have to renew some of the papers, but Ross is giving me papers at great reductions as though they are very petty and have been expensive, on old stock. So I am pushing all the workmen ahead while Mrs. Muriel is in the house and keeping the furnace going she is quite willing to do this. It gives her time to pack up and she feels very much indebted to me letting her off without full notice and remain in the house after her time was up. The paper hangers could not get on without the water and that has to be shut off whenever fire is let out.

Mrs. Irving & Katie are at the Manse and Mrs I. seems much better. This is a nasty business, this letter in Saturday Night about Greek Letter Societies, I hear it is the Alpha Delta referred to. That is the Mullins' & Gordon Gibson. I wonder what the other Fraternities will do about it. Our Times referred to it but did not see the letter in S.N. [Saturday night]. They are pushing for Residence now and this exposure will help it I fancy, as opposed to Greek Letter societies. It was last night, Wednesday's Times on Editorial page. Was going to send it to Tom.

The latest news is engagement of Muriel Sanford to Gordon Henderson, he is the Manager of the Electrical Works here. Mrs. Sanford refused her consent a year ago but as Miss Muriel at the close of the year, has returned of the same mind, the engagement is to be announced at a large dance which Mrs. S. gives on the 12th.2

H. [Hilda] heard from Helen Mullin and she speaks of a Xmas card from Calvin McQ. and asks if it's Cal's so H. will set her right. Robin's offered position turns out to be as physician to a Sanatorium at some mineral springs at a place called French Lick in Indiana, the name comes from the Cattle licking the salt rock in early days. Robin is inclined to take it but Mrs. M. does not know. Have an appointment must rush. With fondest love.

Your mother

1 For Bold St. houses, see W4425

2 Miss Muriel Sanford married Gordon Henderson on Feb. 10, 1904. Mary describes the wedding in MCP3-5.015. See also, Box 12-145, W-MCP3-5.010, W5709, MCP2-3b.030, W-MCP3-5.007, W-MCP1-1.028, W5074, W5697, W-MCP1-3a.019, W6475.

For Henderson family, see W5709.

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