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W4795 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 18 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Cal,

Have just received to-day the notice from Bk of Montreal with full instructions but as you have deposited the money I thought you had better manage the list though they sent me an envelope stamped and addressed to the Royal Trust Co. Bk. of Montreal but Mr. C. thought as you had deposited the money you would be the one to attend to it.

The weather is very cold, what it must be in Montreal I do not know, but it will be worse in Ottawa, poor Ruby I am sorry for her. We had Mr. Anderson to tea on Sabbath and we were just delighted with him, in the pulpit and out of it. He gave, it seemed to me, a perfect sermon in the morning and some liked him better in the evening. He has such a rich beautiful voice, natural manner & holds himself so well in the pulpit. He thinks he has just over done himself, he is absolutely colourless and his hands very thin, but says he has gained a good deal since Christmas. I should think he needed entire rest and feeding up. You must have had a jolly time with the ladies and am sure the occasion would be most interesting. I should think they would appreciate your courtesy and kindness. Your account of the old vaults was most interesting, as we have two copies, I shall send one to Mr. Proudfoot, it would amuse him, poor old man. It was interesting to hear of the French Man who controlled the Shillers [?], you must have been tired out being up so late. Uncle C. says for you to watch, he seems to think the new paper is not going to flourish (though what he knows about it I do not know) and thinks the Globe is improved already since Macdonald went on it. I have been spending all my spare time for several days on Y.W.C.A. but have about come to the conclusion it is hopeless to try to keep it up, so many different things to be kept up and where it is religious work, so few interested or capable of doing any thing and when it cost $100. a month to keep the building heated, lighted & pay the salaries, without employing a secretary for religious work, to me it is useless to go on with it. Mrs. Hoodless has two top stories for her school and declares she cannot pay any rent, only give services of the teachers for two or three classes in cooking which of course brings in no revenue.1 Was interrupted, so must close to catch post. Take good care of yourself, my dear dear boy.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Mrs. Adelaide Hoodless, nee Hunter (1857-1910), was an educational reformer for women to better prepare them for motherhood and domestic management. She founded the Women's Institutes in 1897 and helped found the YWCA, The National Council of Women and the VON. She never supported the suffragette cause (CE 1006). Mary also helped to found the YWCA in Hamilton but she favoured the Christian part of the institution over the domestic science. See W4922, W5183. In one of Edna's letters, she describes spending the afternoon at the domestic classes paring and boiling a few parsnips.

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