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W4927 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Mary Baldwin McQuesten
Apr 30 1903
To: Montreal, Quebec
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Cal,

Alas! and alack, Many Happy Returns of the Day is all I can offer you. It is fortunate one's affections are not in proportion to their finances, or this family would be nil.

The Glassco's have finally decided to leave the mountain and have taken a house on Aberdeen and Queen. It will be far pleasanter for them.

Reggie Whittemore came yesterday and to my mind he looks very badly, but Hilda does not seem to think so, and I suppose she knows best. Mr. Murray has offered to take him for a drive when he is here, so that will be splendid, as Reggie seems to have no strength.

On Tuesday this "old hen" leaves for Guelph. I think it will be rather fun, although the reporting of meetings is horrid.

If the weather keeps on fine, am going up to see the Colquhouns on Friday. The Glassco's saw two tons of coal going into the Proudfoot's house, so I suppose they will be coming up soon.

Edna saw Sandwell about two Sundays ago, so I suppose he must come up often now. Perhaps it may come to something after all. Miss Street may think it would be wiser to hang on then let him go.

Walter James has now gone into the Bank, and seems to like his work.

You ought to see my "Scare Crow," it is truly an awful thing. If the lettuce does not come up safely, it will not be my fault. The grass band around the heart and borders is such an improvement you wont know us we are getting so spic and span.

I do hope you can come up for May 24th, it seems such an age since I saw you. Hilda and [I] were at a tea at the Rioch's on Saturday night to meet a Miss Stevens, with whom Grace stayed in the Summer, and we had quite a jolly times. We have at last got the new curtains and have put them up in Grandpa's room for the present as Reggie is there. Wasn't it splendid about Herbie Bell? I wonder what Charlie thinks of the little "runt" now. He may be proud to be Herbie's brother.

Mamma is busy outside digging away at the Cactus. She is always pottering around about something. We have sometimes to violently restrain her, either by force or voice. Since the last escapade of the horses, we have put up a wire fence, between the clothes yard and stable yard. I think our old gardener would have cheerfully slain the brutes, he was so annoyed at their ruining the terrace and lawn after he had fixed it.

Marian Bowes has had nervous prostration but is better now. The whole Sutherland family have been down with the Grippe, but are better now, although Mrs. S. is quite deaf. However Dr. Fletcher was the same, but is quite well again.

Well my dear boy I wish this were not such a prosy letter but there is nothing to tell. Hoping you are not killing yourself, with love and kisses,

Your affectionate sister,
Mary B. McQuesten

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