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W5022 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 16 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Cal.

We have just got Hilda and Edna off to Roach's Point and Mary goes next week, I am so glad they are getting this holiday, it will be such a great treat. Helen G. wrote that the bathing and boating were perfectly lovely and the roads most beautiful for bicycling, they are near Dr. Warden's too. If you got another week's holiday, you might get a pass by G.T.R up there. Helen G. wrote every place nearly was filled up and we have to pay $6.00 a week but a lovely place. You might be squeezed in some place.

Dr. Fletcher's Reception passed off very well, but these general palavers always disgust me, one scarcely ever hears a delicate compliment but they praise a man to his face, and the man blows his own trumpet in a way I never heard till lately. Really it was perfectly absurd the way the Doctor actually quoted what had been said about him in the papers.

We had such warm weather last week and the cool came in so suddenly, that all of us were more or less ill it upset me completely and am just beginning to pick up a little. On Monday Ruby and I went to Toronto to see Mrs. Mackay, she is very poorly and am afraid is breaking up, the sight of one eye is gone and she is not allowed to read, it is sad to see her, and Mr. Mackay, a lonely old couple.

In Tom's last letter he told of a valuable raft that had just gone down to Quebec, the men many of them Indians--sleeping in little huts on the rafts. He said some of them were fine large handsome men, but so sad looking, some of the logs 40 in a cross, and very valuable.

I hope the weather did not upset you, it is very trying, I am really better in warm weather in summer. That is a wonderful book, "The Pit" what a revelation. I would like to read "The Octopus." I wish Mr. Dunton would ask you up to Dr. Warden's some time. Poor Herbie Bell is still at the Hospital, they stitched up the wound last week, but on Sabbath his fever rose again, they had to re-open wound and let out the pus. I think his constitution cannot be good. Mrs. Mackay was glad to hear of your visit to the East and much pleased about Tom's Scholarship, she had not heard it. She was away when results came out, but I sent her a paper.

Just heard from Tom was sawing wood for three days but says it was good exercise never complains. Courtney Hutchison the foreman is "a great big fat man but awfully decent. He knows perfectly how to handle men." And has been very kind to Tom. Am very tired, so must close, take care of yourself dear. With love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] This card [from Mrs. Thomson] went to the uncle and he only brought it over last night. Do not worry about me going away, Mrs. MacKay would like me there bye and bye, but am not going unless I can take Ruby with me. If I am to go (which I do not care about) would like to whilst Hilda and Mary are away. So thankful you are keeping well, it is a great comfort to me to know that, and Tom so healthy too. I often compare him with poor Herbie Bell. Well dear must close.

Your loving mother

Mrs. Thompson must have sailed to-day, Isn't she comical about "having her young people still on her hands"?

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