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W5040 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Mary B. McQuesten.
Jul 27 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten
From: Mary Baldwin McQuesten, Lake Simcoe, Ontario.

Orchard Reach
Roaches Point
Lake Simcoe
July 27 1903

My dear Calvin,

Here I am eating and sleeping and growing fat (hope) thanks to your donation. It is just a lonley place so picturesque and free from mosquitos and a long sandy beach reaching out for nearly a mile. My boarding house is within a stones throw of the Lake and the food is just as good as anyone could want and well cooked too. At present there is a deafening label for the kids (slews of them), are in bathing and the water is decidedly cool to say the least.

I left Hamilton last Friday in the company of every coon in that place. They going to Lorne park for a picnic. My the dress of them Imagine the cake walk some more got on at Oakville, among them two pickaninnies; the blackest of the black in white sun bonnets, with rolling black eyes; they were really cute. (Mother, Mother Hubert is pushing me in the water bring the boot quick)

I changed cars at Toronto and came in to Le Froy where I took the bus for the ferry. (Come on Come on its all right uhhh!!!)

Oh dear how my poor bones were shot in up, everyone seemed sore. A little more when steam launch took me over to the Point; from which I drove to my boarding house. Hilda and Edna and Heken Gartshore met me there, and took me down to their house for tea where I met the whole gang. Such a lot of them, I do think Sydney is too sweet for anything. When I reached there, found the whole family in deep distress over "Bingo" a dear little collie puppie who had been runover by a cart (Oh don't you let me go stop oh) Fortunately a doctor who was passing by promised it to be a sprain and yesterday he seemed much better. We all decided that he was moving as much of his hurt as he could for he seemed quite happy whenever the whole family would sit around him. There are two cute little maids at my boarding house, Saturday morning the younger of them managed to get into my room and sampled Madame Minty's Hair Restorer. It was somewhat [restless??] that night the whole family occupy the room next to mine and the baby's tuning up time is first as I am dropping off to stay. This morning I went out for a row, it was perfectly delightful although somewhat rough. I took the only two [bardus??] at present with one but they did not seem to enjoy it much, growing somewhat white about the gills. Intend to do some traveling but shall wait until Edna comes or else get Miss Harting. I shall not try those freaks anymore. The Gartshores place is perfectly lovely , hammocks slung such the water and a lovely large veranda. The Wardens have a new fine place about twenty five acres and so also have the Kilgours -I believe. Just met Mrs. Harriton on the wharf for a few minutes. Am going down there with the Gartshores son. Yesterday afternoon we had Sunday school at Mrs. Gartshore at which Mrs. Goulay and a Mrs. Ferguson spoke and it was most enjoyable. In the evening service was held at one of the cottages making it very short, the nearest Presbyterian Church is at Heswick, two miles away. I am thinking of going there next Sunday if the day is fine & cool. It is quite chilly here to-day but the air is so nice and fresh.

Edna looks the picture of health so also does "Fatty" that with Tom, Edna and Tousie the house will be too small to contain us all especially if should happen to put up to 150 tho I never saw such a changeable lake as Simcoe. A minute ago it was like a milpond now it is getting quite rough. The inhabitants say that Lake Simcoe is very like Lake Erie, it is so treacherous, squalls are apt to come up any minute. Mrs. Gartshore was telling me that in one hour the lake changed six times. There are not many sail boats or yachts around here only two or three but everyone has a rowboat or canoe. The boat belonging to [Fernand??] is very light and easily managed I quite enjoyed my row. Well my dear boy as nothing exciting has happened home no news to tell you,

Your loving sister
Mary B. McQuesten

P.S. I suppose by the time this reaches you, Mamma & Ruby will be at Muskoka isn't it nice.

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