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W5046 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Edna McQuesten.
Jul 20 1903 Wednesday
To: Calvin McQuesten.
From: Edna McQuesten.

Echo Cottage
Roach's Point

My dear Cal

It seems too bad of me never to have written you before when I am having such a fine time and you are working away at your stupid old paper. Winnie is fine, I think, and I enjoy being with her so much. The Gartshores are certainly a lovely family and so kind and hospitable. The boys are great fun especially Charlie. He is great fun and very clever in his way, the Latin and French phrases he throws in are very funny. They are really the nicest boys I have come across for a long time. We have had a great deal of rowing and paddling, I would love to don a canoe and go for long expeditions there is something fascinating about the smooth gliding motion of a canoe. Yesterday Lyle Warden came over with the span to take Winnie Edith Gourlay and Me for a drive. It was a fine breezy afternoon and we enjoyed it immensely. The country there is beautiful everything one can wish for, lovely forests and yellow fields of grain and the beautiful blue water of Lake Simcoe. Lyle was bluffing us that we were lost and for a while I believed him we got home at about half past seven and were starving hungry. Lyle Warden is a simpelton what a pity he didn't take after his father. He takes every chance he can to make fun of scripture etc he seems more senseless than bad. Mrs. Dunton is very pleasant Mrs. Kilgour inquired after you and how you liked Montreal. I drove home with her on Sunday from church. The whole connection are very kind. Mrs. Kilgour's brother in-law Mrs. Ferguson is a splendid christian with a very pretty scotch accent. He speaks at most of the out door services here and reminds me a little of Rev. McMillan of St Enoch's Church Toronto. We had the most delightful open air services last Sunday. In the moring Winnie and I went to Sunday School at Mrs. Straun's cottage and were taught by an old fisherman with a beaming & mile He was so very brown and wore his specs hald way down his nose reminding me of the pictures you see darkie preachers. I could not quite follow his arguments especially as there were frequent interuptions from two other old chaps who had to speak pretty loudly on account of Mrs. Addisons deafness. One of these old chaps wore a broad brim med black felt hat with a very high crown and this together with a long gray beard and very sharp eyes lent a grotesque appearance that contrasted well with the other old man who was a ruddy cheeked fisherman and very spick and span. In the afternoon we had a lovely service there on the veranda and we had some fine addresses from Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Gourlay and a bible reading from Clement Robertson Mrs. Ferguson's nephew. Edith Gourlay is a sister of Cora Gourlay Winnie's friend who died she is a jolly girl and very pleasant she has very fluffy red hair and pretty features and a great favourite with the children. She is one of the sweetest girls I have meet for a long time. Her father is of Gourlay winter and Leemings' firm and come up over Sunday. He is a lovely man with a most benevolent smile. He has a very nice way of speaking and gave a fine prayer at the Sunday evening service. The people up here are very nice and we have a good deal of fun. Edith says that Winnie has never been the same since Cora's death. She must have been a lovely girl just about sixteen and very beautiful Edith showed me a photo of her and she had a lovely face, Winnie is very different from Helen but I like them both very well , Helen is more practical I think but Winnie has almost more in her I think. She is a very kind girl to be with and very jolly too in her way. It is so nice to with people who are really congenial and natural. There are several girls here talking for all they are worth and Sidney is hinting broadly for a bite of a peach here so I must close hoping you will get some more holidays before the summer is over.

Your loving sister

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