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W5053 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Mary B. McQuesten.
Aug 4 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten.
From: Mary Baldwin McQuesten, Fernwood, Orchard Reach, Ontario.

Orchard Beach P.O.
Lake Simcoe

Aug 4th 1903

My dear Cal

Things have been quite exciting here lately Saturday the Kilgours invited the Gartshore bunch and myself in a hay rick ride and a bonfire. There were about thirty altogether. We started off in two hayricks; The small fry in one and then the elders in the other and had a most hilarious time. We saluted all the people we met with bunches of hay and sarry ourselves hoarse. There were occasional diversions where some of the youths slipped off the wagons and had to be helped on again. We drove from eight to [ten??] all along the lake shore. It was a perfect night bright moonlight and lovely warm air. Then we came home and sat beside the Lake watched the bonfire, eat ice-cream, sane and told stories. It was after eleven when I reached home , on the way I had an exciting race with Mrs. Clement Robertson and came in a tie.

The Kilgours are such nice people so religious and yet jolly. Mrs. Ferguson a brother in-law, takes part charge of the services here and gives beautiful addresses and they have prayer meeting every Wednesday night, there are really a number if good men here , Mrs. Gartshore has a young peoplees meeting every Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Strachan Sunday school and in the evening services are held at the different cottages. Yet all the people are just as jolly eceptions . There are a number of Episcopolians here who only attend their own church.

The Kilgours have an elegant house beautifully situated with a [swath??] lawn stretching to the river and a number of large acacia trees scattered around. In fact everyhting is at present as it could be. It seems so fortunate that they should be such good people for of course what the Kilgours do is the thing. There is very little communication between the Roaches Point people and Orchard Beach ones. You might call Roaches Point the aristocracy and Orchard Beach commoners. I suppose you saw that Allie Warden little daughter born about a week ago. Helen Gartshore and Winnie left for Muskoka to-day so we are quite lonley. Hilda intended leaving to-day for home to stay with Sydney Stevenson on the Mountain but received word that Judge Proudfoot had fallen, hurt his head and was seriously ill, so she came up here instead. Poor old men I am afraid it is the end. Ten very nice fellows have been boarding here (one left yesterday though) named Westlake. The oldest one said he was in Copp Clark too knew you well, and was enquiring very kindly after you. The seem very nice but thought I would hear your opinion of him before going too far. One never knows whether it is a bluff or not. The younger brother has such a nice open face, very like Hubert Culhamn so seems quite a good fellow as Miss Nell (Warden) saw him reading his bible on Sunday. Should judge him to be about Louis age. We had quite a time here yesterday the season's regatta took place. The Regatta was somewhat of a failure, very few entered and hardly any seemed to know anything about [Carnosy??].

The two Westlakes raced but not being in fighting racing trim did not win. In the sailboat race Cecil Kilgour led all the way, but on the homeward tack stood in too near to the land lost the wind and came in third much to our dissapointment. The third race for boys was most exciting. One youngster had a tub too big for him and was boosted along by a big boy who very often lifted him up, tub and all, drained the water out and him upboat again. The spectators simply howled. The duck race was very good. Four live ducks were taken out some distance into the lake, let loose and boys tried to catch them. Unfortunately it was not far enough out ; as the boys were able to walk on the water so the poor quack quacks did not have much of a show and I am afraid grossed one or two dinner tables.

In the evening there was a very good concert. All sang remarkably well, then came pricewords which were not at all bad, after which the soberer "Beachers" went home and left the others to whoop it up till early in the morning. There is a family of Thomsons of the road , who are friends of the Westlake's. One of them is in Capp Clark Co at least so Mrs. Westlake said. It has rained all day it has been somewhat dreamy. I do wish it would be good and warm. Had a card from Mamma in which she said that Willie & Lillie James were going to Port Carling.

I do hope you will succeed in getting another [inuks??] holiday, I just have to think of you walking on and on. Well as all my paper is done will have to close with love.

Your loving sister
Mary B. McQuesten

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