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W5059 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 5 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'The Oaks' Port Carling

My dear dear Cal

We are enjoying a very fine rest here we have and are most comfortable. Here we have a most excellent table far better than at the Stratton House where Mrs. Bell is. Beneath us in the woods along the shore is an Indian Camp, where are displayed various kinds of very tempting Indian work. I bought a few things, thinking they would come in at Christmas time, but afraid I have run myself a little short, so if you could send me in a letter a two dollar bill (do not think there is a money order office here) would be very much obliged, or perhaps a V if you can spare it, we may have to buy our dinners on the way home.

Willie and Lillie James came on Saturday night, but Willie wants to get higher up the Lakes and they have gone on Supply boat to-day to look around. They and Ruby went up to the Regatta at the Royal Muskoka, but did not get back till nearly one a.m., so I was glad I did not go. But we are going on first fine day on Kenzzha, which is the mail boat and goes all around. Then we are going over to Judd Haven some day by the Islander which gets there about noon and leaves us for four hours. We have very nice people here, an American couple and a lady & daughter from Barrie, they are quite congenial and we are very happy with them.

Herbie Bell came up on Monday night and of course he must go round and overtire himself the very first day. Poor Mrs. Bell! She has no more rest now. He is fitful and peevish and nothing suits him. Charlie brought himself up and looks about as badly as Herbie, he is simply worried to death by his future mother-in-law who is always pressing the marriage and Charlie in no position to do so.1

On Sabbath we went to the little Pres. church here a very active, bright jump-about little fellow preached and I said to R. "Could that be a son of Cochrane?" Afterwards the young man in charge referred to him as Mr. Cochrane, so at the door I spoke to him for Tom had often spoken of the twin Cochranes and he was quite pleasant. In the evening heard at the Methodist Church a son of Egerton Young a fine earnest young man.

Next Sabbath, it was announced that a steamer would leave at 5 in the afternoon to take free any who wished to go to opening of new church up on Lake Joseph. But I think it was a mistake and there would be more fun than Edification about it and the church should not start a Sunday Excursion. When the church is built there must be plenty to fill it. I scarcely see how we are to see Shadow River but will try.

I expect by this time Hilda is up on the Mountain with Mrs. Stevenson. The girls are all having a fine rest. I must say I do not think Walsh writes very interesting letters, as the papers are addressed to Mary Baldwin did not like to have them sent here, but shall find them when I return, so if there is anything special I am not seeing the paper, but I get the Globe every day. Glad you are comfortable in your flat. Must close to catch mail.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For the Bell family, see W4582. Charlie Bell is engaged to Beatrice Emmeline Gates.

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