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W5063 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Hilda McQuesten
Aug 10 1903
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Calvinus,

You probably think I am somewhat of a snide not to have written you before but the climate up at Roaches Pt. did not tend to make one feel like writing. We had a glorious time at the Gartshores they were such a jolly family and Charley and Baysie here, were such fun. I think Charley is amusing for anything.

I liked Winnie very much but the [larger?] one stayed there, and noticed how to Helen fell the brunt of the work, Winnie is so thoughtless and dreamy and thinks rather too much of herself. The last day we were there Edith Gourlay and I had a good old talk and we were both cross at the way in which Mr. & Mrs. G. [Gartshore] allowed Helen to work, she looks as old as I do and she is four years or more younger. Winnie is the favourite with them. I could tell you some things which I do not care to write. Leslie G. was up for the holiday 2nd & 3rd August; he seemed a harmless sort of fellow to meet but we had been so warned against him that we were almost afraid to be friendly with him. I really felt sorry for him. He is only nineteen, his hair is thin and he looks nearly thirty years of age. There is certainly some thing amiss in the training of the boy. The Kilgours were very kind and also the Wardens. Mrs. Dunton is lovely so chatty and nice. I saw her several times and took a great fancy to her. Poor Mrs. Warden has not been at all well this summer and I know Mrs. G. has been very anxious about her. This place is magnificent.

Lyle Warden is an [caustic?] kid but he amuses me and that is all that is necessary. He has two or three girls up there and they are all Hilda's so he felt that I was rather a kindred spirit, he told Edith Gourlay and me his trials one night he did not [know?] which Hilda he liked the best; so we gave him some advice.

Edna and I arrived home Saturday. We met Harry & Reg. Whittemore in the train, they had been up at Dorset, Lake of Bays. We had quite a nice chat, poor Reggie does not seem to be strong yet.

Uncle did not seem to be at all glad to see us, he has been having the privilege of smoking down here and evidently did not like being disturbed. He's a queer old chap.1

On Sunday we took tea with Mrs. Thompson and tea with the Janes. Willie and [Tullie?] are up where Mother and Ruby are.

This afternoon I went up to see Sydney Stevens, she met me at Church yesterday and I promised to go today. It seems so sad to have Judge Proudfoot gone, he was always so kind and interested in you and Tom. It is very hard on Miss Proudfoot, the others have their children but she and her father were everything to each other and she misses him so terribly. Mrs. Stevenson said Miss Proudfoot had got such a nice letter from you and one from Mother.

Edna and I are homesick for the little Mitherkins, it is four weeks since we saw her as she waved us good bye from the front steps, it seems like months. Mrs. Mullin expects Nellie home this week after next. She has been gone nearly a year and a half. Mrs. Mullin is all by herself, Heurner is with the [Nelsons?] and Rob has gone back to Toronto. It is sad about Mr. Piries death in Dundas, he was a great friend of Mr. Begue's, poor old Theo feels it very much.2

Well my dear must close this wearisome epistle, I am afraid your sisters do not treat you very well in the letter writing business, at least I know I don't, but you will have to forgive such things. We would treat you well if you were home and we often think of you and wish we could do more for you. Don't work too hard and try and be good to yourself. With much love.

Touse [Hilda]

1 "Uncle" is Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten. For more information, see his brief biography by clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then on his picture. Uncle

2 Many of these named are close friends of the McQuestens. For more information search by name, Gartshore, Kilgour, Dunton, Warden, Gourlay, Whittemore, Stevens, Proudfoot, Thompson, Janes, Mullin, Pirie, Begue.

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