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W5095 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 5 1903 Saturday [approximate date]
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear Cal

Your letter just came this morning and I was very glad to think you were in such a delightful place for resting. I am afraid you were tired out with that Chamber of Congress and having had so brief a holiday and that not a restful one, you really need a good rest. So in that quiet spot you must sleep all you can. I am afraid the water is fearfully cold, I do not know how you can stand it. Well, last Saturday morning I had a letter from "Maggie" that Mrs. Mackay was not well and would like me to come down; just as I was replying came a telegram that Mrs. M. was sinking! It upset me greatly, I was just recovering from a slight attack of crysipelas about my eye. But of course, I hurried and caught the noon train and found Mrs. MacKay not so bad, but suffering greatly with her head. You see when Maggie got back from the old Country she heard that a doctor had said that Mrs. MacKay's blindness of one eye was caused by a hemorrhage in the brain and a another would be fatal so when Mrs. M. complained of this pain in her head Maggie was terrified and Mr. MacKay didn't seem to think there was any need of a doctor and Maggie felt helpless.

Well, I telephoned Dr. Reeve who had attended her before and he telephoned the druggist what to send us and by evening she was quite easy. Then Mr. & Mrs. Clark came up and Mrs. C. thought it disgraceful that no doctor was in attendance so as a great favour Dr. Caven came in on Sabbath. Dr. Caven is now a consulting physician but came fortunately, as he is the only one Mrs. M. trusts and she will take what he prescribes, & both she & Mr. M. were made to understand that she must keep quite quiet. I could not stay for it was Ruby's last week, so I came back on Tuesday. It was very trying to have to go Saturday for I was looking forward to seeing Tom that night and the usual preparations for feasting were going on, but I thought I could not desert Mrs. M. so old (75) and so alone. But I am going back on Wednesday, so you must write me there.

The Clarks were up every day, Jean & Elsie very full of the preparations for Government House1, their footman is coming out from England. But really Mrs. C. looks just the one for the position and she is very kind, one cannot help liking her.

Well I hope you are getting some fruit, the amount of it here is marvelous, between Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Thomson we are well supplied. Tom is having a good "trick out" as grandpa used to say.

We have been very busy with Ruby's clothes, at least Hilda has been accomplishing marvels in the dressmaking. Ruby thought the McLarens got a ticket back to Ottawa from Toronto for $2.50. Tickets for Toronto Fair were $5.00 return, but the ticket is by G.T.R. and there is such uncertainty of making connections by day train that Ruby has to take night train. However it gives another day here and it is less fatiguing than that long day trip sitting up all the way.

We had very gloomy, cool and rainy weather until this week and I'm so glad to think you are having fine days for your trip. Mrs. Mullin & Nellie are to be home to-night. The Lieutenant Governor inquired if you were still in newspaper work.--Be sure now and rest do not keep on the trot all the time. Dr. Caven says nothing will rest the nerves but resting, not running about. I am sorry for you to miss my letter to-day, but yours was so long in coming. Must close, my dear, dear boy

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For Sir William Mortimer Clark, Lieutenant-Governor, and family, see W4902.

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