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W5109 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 14 1903 Monday [appoximate date]
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec [?]
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy

To-day I went down to Toronto and saw Dr. Caven, who was very kind and said climate had nothing to do with it, but whatever kept your mind easy and happy was the thing for you. He said that newspaper work was the hardest work in the world. He would take no money for his advice neither for you nor me. I had got a tonic prescription from him at Mr. MacKay's but he said he meant to put that in Mr. M.'s bill (laughing). He is very kind dear little man. Then I went to Dr. Warden but he was in a fearful hurry, he had been four days out of his office, on the Wilkie case1 and was going off to Kingston to-night, so he was at his wits end with work. But he was most anxious to help and gave me what advice he could in a few minutes. He thought you must consider it well, for to go to the mission field just as a catechist could only be a temporary arrangement and after being engaged so long in the newspaper work it seemed a pity if you could not find something in that line that would not be too much strain. He spoke of the business managership of that paper which was left by the man that came to the Globe. Then he said that very shortly the Westminster was requiring a man to represent them. I think in New Westminster that would give you a chance to see the country. He said he would think it over and talk to Dr. Lyle about it on their way to Kingston. Dr. Fletcher is going too, to some thing at Queen's.

In the mean time it seems to me it would be wise for you to come home and thoroughly rest your brains. So as to be ready for any thing & I would like to have you with us for a good visit, it is so long since you have been any time at home. Have written in a hurry so as to catch the mail. Am afraid Mrs. MacKay will not recover, each time I see her she looks weaker. Whatever you do, take things easy.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Thanks for the lovely cards to Mary and myself.

1 For more details on the "Wilkie case" involving gender conflict among the missionaries and with the WFMS, see W4651.

This enclosure is noted in the Calendar as W5113. [Excerpted here]
It is signed by Rev. R. D. McLaren, D.D., Rev Robt. H. Warden, D.D. convenor, and Rev. J. Somerville, D.D. Minute Secretary, Owen Sound.
It consists of the Regulations for The Assembly's Committee and executive appointments.
Also listed are regulations for the Presbyteries.
Annual Visitations.
Special Regulations regarding fields supplied by ordained Missionaries including salaries e.g. "The field shall raise at least $350 per annum for the missionary's salary."
Salaries are listed for:

(a)Ordained Missionaries
British Columbia:
Where neither horse nor house is required...$750
Where horse but not house is required...$800
Where house but not horse is required...$825
Where both and horse are required...$875

Manitoba and the N.W.T.
Where house is not required...$700
Where house is provided...$750
Where house is required but not provided...$800

Ontario and Quebec
Where house is not required $600
Where house is provided...$700
Where house is required but not provided...$750

(b)Students: Summer half year $6 per week, with board and travelling expenses to the field. Winter half year, $7 per week, with board and travelling expenses to the field.
(c) Catechists: $5 and board per week for summer, $5.50 and board per week for winter.
Approved Catechists: $500 per annum when appointed for at least one year.

The final page consists of regulations for Travelling Expenses and Ten Duties for missionaries dealing with Collections and Reports, etc.

The paper closes with two admonitions for missionaries: "Above all, missionaries are urged to bear in mind that the supreme purpose of the Christian Ministry is to lead men to Christ, and to build them up throuh faith unto holiness. To this end missionaries are earnestly entreated to: 'take heed unto themsleves,' as well to their teaching; seeking continually the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that they may 'commend themselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.'"

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