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W5122 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 11 1904
To: Calvin McQuesten Standoff, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

Your p.c. [Postcard] came in this morning. Lucky my letters were detained on the way or I wonder if it was because I did not post them on a Monday, but delayed till Tuesday waiting your letters. I am writing to-day so as to catch you at Macleod. Winnie Garthshore is just going away to-day, she is a very nice girl and I like her very much (when I am not in a hurry), but she is very sweet mannered and kind and a nice friend for Edna, but not very practical rather dreamy. E. and she had a great week of it, going and coming with the various friends. We gave the girls tea on Thursday and they went to Mrs. Dr. Malloch's and Mrs. Lazier's and to the Gartshore's on Saturday evening.1 Winnie was very much taken with Edna's friends Nellie James and the Culham's. We had Mr. Ross of Guelph speaking for us on Sabbath, his evening sermon was quite a fine one. Dr. Fletcher thinks a great deal of him.

This is a very trying time, the Rhodes Scholarship will be decided Wednesday or Thursday, how they mean to settle it I do not know, as it was decided to accept their standing without writing on any further examinations. I am very anxious lest if Dr. Parkin has to do with the award it will be in the favour of an Upper Canada boy. None of the undergrads are, and Tom is quite sure of being ahead of any of these, but the hassle will be with the three Grads, I fancy Paterson would have gone to Upper Canada, Robin Mullin says Oliver is well spoken of, still he thinks Tom will get it. Prof Baker told Mr. Dickson, he thought he would, but I scarcely dare hope and am so foolishly anxious, though I know perfectly well, that it may not be the best thing for him to have it, and I have put the matter in God's hands day after day but just like a silly mortal cannot leave it there, but carry the burden with me night and day, Vander [Vander Smissen] is doing his very utmost and others too. I think, you will excuse this brief letter, but I am just so unsettled in mind I cannot write. 2

The weather keeps cold though the snow is gone, the air keeps very chilly, it will be so for a long time I am afraid, as there must be a great accumulation of ice and snow in the north. Am still sending News though there is nothing very special in them. Your article is not in this Saturday's I think, but will look again. With much love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For Malloch, see W4582. For Lazier, see W5233. For Gartshore, see W4815, W5012.

2 For Vander Smissen, [or Vandersmissen] see W5233. For Rhodes Scholarship, see W5199. Tom was unsuccessful in obtaining same.

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