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W5191 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
May 19 1904 Thursday evening
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Standoff, Alberta
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My Dearest Cal,

It seems ages since I'd written to you and yet the days fly past so quickly. Here it is actually near Queen's Birthday and then only a month till holiday time.

I was so glad to get your fine letter last week and that letter of John McQuesten's is certainly rich.1 I'll take care and send it back to you. I'm glad you had a happy Birthday tho'. You did celebrate it on my day. It's provoking my small sketch didn't reach you--it must have been playing a game on the way. Oh you needn't be afraid it is too good to use.

And so poor Tim didn't get the scholarship. 2 Well I feel thoroughly angry which shows good Christian spirit but keeps me from being dejected. They had no right to give it to anyone in preference to our Tom & I soothe myself with thinking it will be sort of consolation to the other fellow who certainly is not nearly equal to our Tom. But he had no right to get it when he finished his course two years ago. I don't think it's fair. And so I feel angry at the other fellow professors and all. But I really do believe that it must be right for Tom when it has happened thus and there is something better in store for him. But it would have pleased the little Mither so and poor Tom! and I guess we all feel badly--but then that is our Nature.

Well to-day was Mrs. Ross's Birthday and in the afternoon we had teachers' meeting and a party afterwards. I've suddenly acquired a taste for teachers' meetings. We had ice-cream and cake. You see we all put in ten cents as Mike [Edna] says and treat ourselves to keep the lady in whose honor the feast is from eating too much. It somehow seems wrong in theory but it's all right in practice.

By the way, have you read the book 'Tom Moore.' It is about the real Tom Moore and so comical and interesting. If you haven't read it I think I must send it to you. It would do you good to read it and give you a good laugh. And you could lend it to any friends out there. Let me know whether you've read it?

And so the Mewburns are in Calgary now. I had a note from May and they like the air and feel well and May is pleased with their new home and is busy with her mother settling affairs. She sent me a pretty little cut glass affair for smelling salts to hang on my chain. So when you see me next I'll have developed a languid, faint-like air and will be constantly raising the article with all the style of the professor and his one eye-glass.

We had Mr. Pringle here last Friday night. He spoke to us for nearly two hours. He is really the most interesting man I think I've ever listened to. The girls were perfectly delighted too. He is to preach in two of the churches some Sunday soon.

The Robinsons, by the way, have moved just lately to this side of the city so I hope to see more of them as they are much nearer.

Did I tell you that Margaret Ross has gone to a Sanatarium [sic] in Cambridge near Boston for treatment. It is Osteopathic treatment and Miss Hardy who has been treating Margaret here hopes it may do her good. She is to be away for six weeks so will be back here just before the Closing.

Well dear old boy, I've really exhausted my news. I'm glad you like the books the Mither sent you. I enjoy mine more and more.

By the way, on the 24th I'm invited to go with Mr. & Mrs. Rose in their gasoline launch up the canal to Long Island. They say it is a lovely trip & I only wish you were along. I'm quite looking forward to it. Well dearest take care of yourself with ever so much love.

Your Loving sister,


[P.S.] Friday--Dearest Cal--your letter has just come--My! how I love to hear from you--My mother says 'My!' is a vulgar exclamation.

I'm so glad you like your picture--I wondered whether it was as refreshing as the brown & yellow scene, but the people here all thought you'd approve of it. I'd love to have seen that picture the day of the rainbow. It must be lovely the wide fresh view you get. It makes my mouth water. 3

My twin sister Tous 4[Tousie, Hilda] sent me a lovely green linen dress she made. You should see how elegant I look. It suits my tawny wool & Irish mug.

With lots of love.

1 John Knox McQuesten is their father's cousin in New Hampshire. Calvin would have visited him when he was at the old homestead in June of 1903 (W4981).

2 See footnote at W5199 for Tom's Rhodes Scholarship bid which was not successful.

3 Ruby is a very good artist and many of her paintings are on view at Whitehern. She won prizes for her work.

4 Ruby does not actually have a twin sister, but her sister Hilda is approximately eighteen months older.

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