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W5208 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
May 27 1904 Friday afternoon
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten [Standoff, Alberta]
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My dearest Cal,

I can hardly believe that is a week ago that I wrote last--it doesn't seem anytime. This week has seemed shorter with the 24th holiday in the middle. We went out with a party in Mr. Rose's launch up the Rideau River. It was a perfect day and we enjoyed the trip ever so much. I'm afraid Mr. Rose was disappointed however for the gasoline would not work well and we could not go up as far as we intended. I think these gasoline launches are uncertain things. One of the girls who goes out a good deal was saying that the boys who have launches say that they never will work when they take out a party of girls. It's very mean of them. However it brought us home all right and showed no signs of slowing up as the little Mither was sure it would try to do. The trouble was it wouldn't blow up enough to keep the thing going, however it made some fun and we had a really fine day of it. On Wed. night I went to the Robinsons for tea. Kath. lay on the sofa, exhausted and recited rhymes.

She said she thought you'd enjoy this one

'There was an old monk of Siberia
Whose life became drearier, drearier
Till he broke down from his cell with
a h'm of a yell
And eloped with the Mother Superior"

She made me learn this so that I could say it for you. It's very edifying.

Mrs. Needham, the new lady principal to be, paid us a short visit on Monday. She seems nice enough tho' I'm afraid we'll feel a great difference after Mrs. Ross.1

This week since the 24th has been a lazy one. One picnic a week is all I can stand--I've been fearfully sleepy ever since, and no one can persuade me to go to the woods to-morrow to another.

Well old boy, this is nothing to send but I'll fill it in with love & kisses from,

Your ever loving sister,


1 For the Ross family, seem W4651, W5630.

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