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W5212 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 30 1904
To: Calvin McQuesten Standoff, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear Child.

Your letter of the 21st came this morning. Tom came home on Saturday night and after hearing all did not feel quite so badly about the Scholarship. It seemed that it was all between him and Paterson and Tom's side held out a long time but Hutton held out and so impressed the fact that there was no use in any one going to Oxford unless he was a classical Scholar that they finally yielded. A great many of the faculty were very sorry about it. Loudon was too, (in fact Tom will not hear a word against him) but tried to console Tom by assuring him that he would be better to go on with his law. In fact Tom seems to have made a great many friends and to have stood wonderfully well. So I thought I should be thankful and not be murmuring because he did not get it when it might have been the very worst thing for him. To see him looking the picture of health, fresh and clear was enough to make one thankful. He brought home his papers already and had himself articulated to-day to Mr. Chisholm, but will not go into office work till September. He is then going with Ritchie, Ludwig & Ballentine's office in Toronto, which he has heard to be the best office to work in. After convocation on 10th he intends going up the Ottawa again. I wish we had plenty of money and would send him out to visit you. To-day a picture came from Ruby, for Ethel Atkinson. I think with you that Ruby paints beautifully, this is a lovely little scene, that she has sent. Hilda and I, if not Mary mean to go down next week to Convocation we thought we ought to go when Tom gets his degree. I am sorry Ruby cannot be there & you.

Dear me! It must be very depressing sometimes to see those poor struggling people, to anyone sympathetic like you are, it must be trying, I do hope it will not be too great a strain, you see that is what wears out the missionaries in India, there is such a constant drain upon their sympathies. Miss Buchanan was in Church last night she was inquiring most particularly about you. Do you remember hearing us speak of a Mr. Strong who was always writing to the papers on religious topics, and was a spiritualist, I see by to-night's paper he has been taken to the asylum. His wife is such a good Xtian woman and he has been such a trial for years. We had a Mr Jackson speaking last night for the lepers, he was engaged in business in England, but gave it up in order to devote himself to this work. He is a fine looking man and speaks so well and seems so thoroughly the Christian gentleman. We are getting on wonderfully with our Jewish class, some of them are such nice young men. Dr Fletcher is off to the Assembly; yesterday we had also a minister from the Rainy River district, begging for his church which had been burnt down. He seemed a fine fellow too, a Mr Smith of Port Frances. The demands for money are simply endless. The Whittemore's have bought a house in Parkdale and gone there. I hope you are not getting too tired. To-day Tom was getting a suit at Booker's, he was inquiring most particularly about you & when I told how you had gained in weight he got quite excited, declaring you would be grown out of your clothes. Well dearie, I wish you could have something of the more cheerful side of life to see. Must close to catch post, sorry not to write a more interesting letter but seem so stupid to-day. With fondest love, my dear boy.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Have heard nothing further as to a purchaser for "Whitehern." [I] do not think it would pay to invest so far from home as Calgary, I should have to pay some one for collecting. Mr. C. does it for nothing here.1 I expect to hear your letter to Mrs. F. [Fletcher] on Wednesday night.

1 Mr. Chisholm has been managing the McQuesten finances for Mary since Isaac's death and he collects the rents on the Bold St. houses. See W4425 for Bold St. houses.

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