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A Blackfoot native, likely from Alberta.  This photo may have been taken while Calvin was observing the sun dance ritual (c. 1904).  His article is available online, see Box 14-099.W5261 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Jul 9 1904 Saturday
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten [Standoff Alberta]
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

My dearest Cal

I was so glad to get your letter the other day. Of course I've been hearing the family news since I came home but it is nice to get a letter for myself.

We were much amused with your account of the taking of the last pictures. It made me think of Seton-Thomson snapping the enraged moose (was it?) chasing him. Now don't you be getting too bold young man or it's trouble you'll be getting yourself into. Your first pictures were very good I think. It must be interesting--I'm glad you're having a try at it.1

I read the last sermon you sent home on "The Water of Life and Bread of Life." I really think it is awfully good. Your thoughts are very suggestive I think. It would be a good sermon I'm sure.2 We have had a couple of good sermons from Mr. Cunningham since I came home.

Well as to the news Mr. Murray was in last night. He is off to Muskoka on Monday you knew, didn't you, that Uncle Alex and dear Charlie are making another trip across the ocean. They are already started.

Mrs. Vincent & Jean are in town for a visit. Mr. Town has a position in Chicago and Jean and her Mother are delighted at the thought of breaking the Town connection and leaving Pen Yan forever. Jean is most hilarious about it.3

Ted [Edna] is still at exams. They are over on Wednesday.

We've heard from Tom he seems to like it all right and has recovered his "pristine appetite" which I really hardly knew he'd lost. But it will do him good poor fellow after his studying.

Well dear take care of yourself don't be too saucy to your red brothers.

With very much love,


1 This is likely a reference to the series of pictures that Calvin took of the "Sun Dance of the Blackfeet." He was nearly attacked by the Indians at the time. See Image IMG030, reproduced here, of a native Blackfoot bearing down on Calvin and his camera. See also, IMG081, IMG082, IMG141, IMG175, IMG188. Calvin also wrote and published an article on the "Sun Dance of the Blackfeet" and his experience with them, Box 14-099, Box 14-040, Box 14-018, W-MCP2-3b.055, W-MCP2-3b.053, W-MCP2-3b.054.

2 Calvin is working as a travelling preacher out West. He is preaching at three churches on a Sunday and is travelling on horseback between them. For more on Calvin, see his Bio. by clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then on his picture.

3 For more on Vincent, see W4521.

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