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[Written at top] In Mondays News on second page see about Mat McKichan's fright.

W5289 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 16 1904
To: Calvin McQuesten Standoff, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

Yesterday was a day of great excitement, when the results came out, that Edna had honours in French, Greek & Latin, though it is quite a mystery how the girl Lester got a Scholarship, it said Classics but she did not take Greek, and she did not take honours in sufficient subjects for General Proficiency. I think Edna had a hope of Scholarship in Classics that is why she tried for Queen's. Although of course it would have merely been the honour, but I think it wonderful she should have done so well, as she took honours in all her subjects except physics. It was such a good plan to let her take half the work last year.

Ruby & I got home just a week ago. In the morning before leaving we got your mounts, but could not get any other shade. I was sorry not to get a variety but as you mentioned Scotch Grey and they assured me that was the shade I sent you, hope it is all right. They were $1.50 per hundred, I suppose, if you could have bought them direct from makers they would have been $1.25. We got them at Ramsay's Bay St. South of King.

We came up on the boat with Mrs. Ross and Margaret, they are staying with Mrs. Scott. Mrs. R. was delighted to hear you were to be in Toronto as they are to be there also. She has some position in connection with Dr. Wilson's Mission. I think it is just a providential arrangement, that you should be with Tom this Winter to keep him straight, for his Knox Coll. friends are all carried away by McFadyen.

On Thursday the Jewish Mission workers came up for a pic-nic and we had lunch together on the mountain at the East End Incline. Dr. & Mrs. Parsons & Miss Craig & Mr. & Mrs. Helmer Of China Inland Home were there. Dr. P. told me that Davidson who went as our missionary to India from Stratford, preached there a sermon on Jonah in which he stated how he had come to know it was just a legend, afterwards he was remonstrated with old Mr. Hamilton of Motherwell and another minister & the next Sabbath, he went into the pulpit and said he had been reproved by "some old fogies" (Mr. H. and the other sitting there) but he had received such Enlightenment &c. &c. Dr. P. is wild & "no wonder." To think of men like that going forth with our Bible.

On Saturday we had a fearful storm of rain & lightning; several people were killed through the County. That evening Willie Mullin came for tea. Do you know he told me that at one time they had at Kingston Dr. Milligan's son & daughter, & he declared both insane with drink. Nellie Mullin has been home for her holidays too, she was inquiring for you. Hilda came home last night from Walkerton, she enjoyed the rest and change, and Bessie & her husband were very kind to her, but the people of the place were so very ordinary that she could hardly stand them at all. This evening we are expecting Jean Ross to stay with us for a week, and little Mary Taylor is to visit Mary for a few days, and we shall have Mrs. R & Margaret for Tea, so it will be quite a long week.

I was provoked at "The News" on Saturday using your photos and leaving out your articles as I supposed they did for I have never seen the article yet.1 They had a long piece on Toronto's Street Musicians of no value whatever. It is preparing for another rain although it rained last night; we are having so much. I must try to write Mr. Gregory although I scarcely know what to say. As Mr. G. must be a poor specimen it seems to me, that she has to take up school again. Why don't they go to the West? They have no family and seem just the ones.

From Tom's letters I gather his Principal aim is "nourishing himself," his favourite prescription being raw eggs. By-the-way, could you make any thing out of your pictures by putting them on post cards. It seems to me the Indian Scenes would be fine for that. It would be fine if you could turn your camera to account, but you must keep all you can see, you will only have the summer months next year to make anything in, so you need to save any-thing you can make. I think the Macleod Presbytery looked very well, they compare most favourably with the Synod of Hamilton & London, I saw here last spring.

It is strange what a poor set the Anglicans are, and it is deplorable how seldom one meets a true honourable warm loving Xtian. Now this case in Scotland of the handful of free church men (as I understand) holding on to the funds. Isn't that most disgraceful? To think of men calling themselves fellows of Christ, hindering the work of God and making all this terrible disturbance, just to carry their own little point. No spirit of Christ in them but just the spirit of the devil. Supposing they have right on their side, how can they put obstacles in the way of carrying on the church's work if they are Xtians at heart? I tell you the devil is getting on finely these days.

Isn't it wonderful how God has used the Japs to punish Russia, whom all Europe was afraid of? It fills one with awe to think of it. How He has been preparing this people for years to do His work, on behalf of his ancient people!

I do hope you have managed your trip to Banff. On no account miss it. Let me know if you need help with funds. Love.

Your mother

1 This likely refers to Calvin's article and photographs concerning the ceremonies surrounded the Blackfoot peoples' worship of the Sun God which Calvin had witnessed in June of that year. See Box 14-099 for the article.

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