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W5297 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 22 1904
To: Calvin McQuesten Standoff, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear Cal,

By this time you may have received the first paper telling of Edna's taking honours in French, Latin & Greek, but the announcement that Ethel Lester had taken the Governor-General's Scholarship in Classics was evidently a mistake, as the girl did not take Greek: then we wondered if it could be for general Proficiency, but she had not honours in enough subjects for that. So, as Mr. Thompson was away I determined to write to the Registrar at Queen's and imagine our feelings when the reply came on Friday that it was a mistake & my daughter had won The Governor-General's Scholarship in Classics.1 I was out that morning & when I came in sight of the door all the family was out waving gesticulating, I didn't know what was up. Our heads were nearly turned. Just to think of little Edna. You see she found out that at Queen's only were the Scholarships given for Senior Matriculation and Mr. T. encouraged her to try. She has been receiving congratulations on all sides, people have been so kind about it. Edna thinks now that after this year's rest, she will try Queen's next year, if she only goes a year. In fact she is full of projects. She is going to try for pupils to coach and thus make a little towards paying her music lessons. She had a letter from the Gartshores signed by the whole family from Mr. Gartshore down to Sydney. Success is certainly very cheering.

I was so glad to hear of your going to Banff and that you were to have a congenial companion, it makes such a difference. I think you have managed so wonderfully well and it seems as if things were just arranged for you in different ways. I feel as if God had been so good to us all, we have never any money to spare, but we are saved from so many troubles that others seem to have, we really have no trouble & this shortness of money has really developed [sic] the family. I just think I have the finest family in all the world but I must not be too proud. Jean Ross went away to-day after being with us a week. She is a very nice little girl. On Friday we had Mrs. Ross & Wayne & Mrs. Scott for Tea. Mrs. Davidson kindly lent her chair for Margaret it is very sad to see Margaret so crippled in hands and feet. Mrs. Ross is going to conduct Dr. Wilkie's little paper and receive the monies.2

I am simply distracted with Uncle Calvin and the family talking, I was interrupted and did not get my letter finished. Mary Taylor is here too and such a time as we are having seven women but they enjoyed it. They started off to the Beach this morning and had a day of it till it was time for afternoon Boat as Jean went off by that. It was really too bad of the "News" to treat your article in such a way. I never saw it at all, July 30th was the first Saturday I was in Toronto there I was watching for your pictures expecting the article to be with it. It was very annoying.

The time is passing away so fast, and I realized that next week is Ruby's last at home and she seems to have had no real rest or holiday. It is so provoking that $20. almost has to be spent on going and coming, enough to give her a little trip somewhere's. Mr. & Mrs. Milne are here from Ottawa and we have to ask them to tea this week as they have been kind to Ruby and some more people next week, and it just seems as if there was always some one to ask to tea & it takes time & makes work, but one must not be selfish. Mrs. Mullin & Robin have just been. Robin to say good-bye, he is going to Minneapolis as Demonstrator in Medical Department of State University. Just in time to catch the post. With fondest love.

Your mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

1 Edna received the Governor General's Scholarship to study Classics at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario (W5289, W5303, W-MCP1-1.025, W-MCP2-4.063). However, because of her 'delicate' mental state, she was unable to attend Queen's at all. She suffered a series of breakdowns and never returned to school (W5426).

The official notice (W7169) informing Edna that she had indeed received this scholarship is included below.

TO (MARGARETTE) EDNA MCQUESTEN from Queen's University

The......Governor General's
Scholarship, value .....$ 75.00.... and exemption
from class fees for four Sessions,
tenable during Session 1904 - 1905 and
three succeeding Sessions, is awarded to
...Margarette E. McQuesten........


Kingston......August 12th 1904.........

2 Rev. Dr. John Wilkie is the missionary leader who was involved in the gender conflict between the missionaries in India and with the WFMS in Canada. For a time he had the support of Mrs. Ross and some of the WFMS until he was discredited. For details, see W4651.

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