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W5351 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jun 12 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Staney Brae Muskoka
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin

It was very kind of Mrs. Logan to ask Hilda. I think it was particularly thoughtful and kind, because she put it so nicely. They "were so much pleased with your preaching and thought it would be very nice for H. to come up and report to her mother on the good impression you were making". Of course I wanted H. to go right off and I cannot yet reconcile myself to her not doing so. But the girls talked it over and H. was determined we could not afford it. She is to go to Helen Gartshores and as they have now cook and house maid, expects to have a good rest and only the boat fare. I realize fully that you may not be there next summer and it would be so lovely to go on your launch, but H. said that was the only inducement, as Sydney had said it was very quiet there last summer. It seems as if we ought to manage to send someone up to take advantage of your offer later on, but do you intend to use the hammock to sleep in the boat house, because you could never get a comfortable rest in it, and you should have the best of rest when you have such busy days. It is lovely to think you are so comfortable, for once, after all the miserable board you have endured.

It seems to me I have heard of Mrs. Winslow before. Did she not give very liberally to the church or build it? It is a pity the nephew is not a little older would then make a superhuman effort to send up one of the girls. You had better look after one of the nieces, even though she is a Yank. We are having a great deal of rain, it has rained nearly all day to-day. We were expecting Mrs. Thomson and her niece, Mrs. T. told me last night that Charles Gordon had been calling; he is going over to Scotland to hear all he can of the early history of Dr. Robertson, whose life he is to write.

Yesterday I hunted every shop for the sort of shirt you wished and hope the one I sent to-day will answer, sorry I could not find one where collar came off; thought the sewing machine oil tin very small for a launch. Robert Buchanan is most extraordinary. After he rehearses his plans he always leaves me quite bewildered and exhausted. The next performance is on Saturday night, "A Venetian Aquatic Event," to which ladies are invited. Had a letter from Mrs. Bell, she had been hoping to see you. She is at Atherlie Bay near Port Carling, with a Mr. Stephen, fine people, son of a Scotch Baronet; they were much troubled with mosquitoes, otherwise fairly comfortable board very good. The Turbinia now leaves at 7 a.m. which gives poor Tom a very early start, but he does not complain. On Dominion Day, one of his friends, young Heighington was over on a cricket team and he took tea with us, seemed a very nice fellow, and a gentleman. He asked for you, wanted to know where you were, said he used to hear you at historic club and thought you always spoke to the point. He generally goes up for a while to the Gzowskis. By the way Tom tells me Jamieson got the position on Saturday Night; should think he was specially fitted to represent the Gospel Ministry, according to Tom he was full of all sorts of notions. Mr Ketchen gave extremely fine discourses on Sabbath he is really wonderfully gifted in speaking out plainly and ably not sensationally, but with such truth, in a practical way. When you see Mrs. Logan, just tell her how much I appreciated her kindness and wished H. to go. Do not let her think H. did not care to go to her. Cannot think of anything more at present. With fondest love and hoping you are not working too hard.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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