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W5367 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 4 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Staney Brae, Muskoka
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Cal,

I suppose if you had been blown away or if you had been lost canoeing, the papers would have chronicled it, but that I am not worrying. I know your aversion to using cards to me, but really I should feel quite satisfied just to receive a card and pleased because I would feel it was saving you time. Hilda came back from Eglington yesterday and had seen Mrs. Stevenson, she had heard from Mrs. Logan how pleased they were with your services, "it was just a treat," think of that. We had a quiet little tea-party yesterday. Mrs. Brown, Miss Nicholls, Miss Fisher and Mr.& Miss Ellis, brother and sister of Dr, Ellis in Toronto, whom I knew well before I was married; they are living here for a short time. We had tea on the verandah. I am sending Edna off next week up to John Baker's, she is just in such a miserable state of nervousness and weakness that I do not know what to do with her, but I think John's will be just the place for her. Lorrie is so calm and Edna likes her;1 so I do trust it will do her good; she had improved so much seemed perfectly well and all of a sudden after that hot time, seemed to get into that miserable nervous state again. I am feeling much better myself, we have such cool nights for sleeping. Mr. Chisholm has gone to the old country. A little while ago Mrs. Stinson gave a tea for Mrs. Mewburn and May; Ruby and I went, but Marjorie declined saying her mother had been taken ill and called it gastritis; well after that she was taken to the hospital and it was proved to be cancer so far advanced, nothing could be done. It seems a terrible thing for that young woman.

The next thing we are busy about is to collect for a wedding present for Mr. Ketchen. Mr. Buchanan has a church paper now, so I had to write a bit for him the other day, on behalf of our W.F.M.S. Ruby had a letter from Mr. Nosse and he is bringing his three little girls to spend a day in Hamilton on their way to the Falls, so it will be quite an occasion. Ruby says to excuse her writing, we are always busy one way and another, and really thankful it is raining to-day, as a pic-nic had been planned to Dundurn, and every one in the house was too tired to enjoy it. Well Cal dearie, I hope you are quite well and have met with no mishap. With much love from all.

Your mother

[P.S.] Hilda says you are taken up with the girls, hence no letters

1 This refers to John Puckridge Baker, Mary's nephew by her half-brother James Alfred Baker and his first wife Charlotte (Puckridge) Baker. Lorrie may be John's wife. Apparently, John was an ill-tempered man who had made life difficult for his stepmother, Maria (Mudge) Baker, and as it turned out Edna's visit with him was a rather traumatic one for her. For more on John P. Baker, see W5406, W3155.

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