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The Nosse family (Ruby's friends in Ottawa)W5392 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 29 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Staney Brae, Muskoka
From: 'Whitehern' NHamilton, Ontario

My dearest Calvin,

Since I wrote you last I have been leading a even more strenuous life than usual. I think I wrote you Wednesday, having been to Toronto day before. Payson Sawyer brought his daughters Anna and Jennie and Mrs. Sam the young widow on Wednesday afternoon to see us. We were pleased to see them, but I do not know anything more exhausting than having to make conversation for a whole afternoon. Mrs. Sam is a very sweet pretty refined little lady, and we were much taken with her, in manner she resembled May Stevens. Then on Thursday morning I was feeling particularly good for nothing, but felt I must go up to the Manse to see if the furniture had come as Mr. K. said, when I found him in the Vestry quite ill; he had made 25 visits on Tuesday took a chill that night and had no one to look after him as where he was lodging there was no one in the house but an old man. He had been too ill to anything or sleep, and totally unfit to prepare for Sabbath (communion Sabbath too). So I just told him he would not preach at all, give the whole thing up and go away for a few days home, as the wedding was to be Wednesday. So I went off to Mr. Wardrope, we telephoned Dr. F. and he said he would relieve him so I went back and forth with lime-water and hot milk, until after four o'clock he agreed to have Dr. Arnott see him. Fortunately the Dr. came up almost immediately. When he said that Mr. K. had every symptom of typhoid fever, but he would not say so finally for a day or two. So the doctor drove him up at once to his bed and I followed up and got a nice kind woman next door to see to him. Robert Buchan volunteered to stay all night with him. Next day tried to find a nurse but could not but Tommy Cook and Bob Smith said they would stay all night. On Saturday morning Tom C. drove down in a cab to say the Doctor had pronounced it typhoid and he was going to take him up to St. Joseph's Hospital. Miss McMahon and her father had arrived the night before, she was to spend the day with him and then go home to postpone the wedding. Now wasn't that terribly disappointing? Everybody was so distressed. On Friday Mr. Graham had driven Hattie Hope, Tom Cook and myself to the Minden Works (they make solid silver now) to select the silver for a cabinet for the wedding present and here everything was knocked in the head. However Mr. K. is doing remarkably well, and the Doctor hopes it will not be a long case. Hilda has just come in and tells us, she met the Hill's and they are on their way here. I am simply tired to death of transients. The Nosse's1 have not arrived yet.

When I was looking for a nurse, came across old Mrs. Turnbull who told me her son was in Muskoka and spoke of hearing "a very fine sermon from Mr. McQuesten" so you see how your fame is spreading around. H.& R. are planning to go to Toronto to Exhibition to see the Jack Lars, stay over night and spend a day with Mary Trigge and the Lockes. I told you they have all moved to Toronto. Tom came home on Saturday as usual, but he has a terrible cold, with a fearful cough. I think he has had bronchitis. Young Loudon had taken him to his house and tried to nurse him up very kindly and he declared he was much better, but I do not like coughs; he hopes to get away this Saturday for his holiday. Do you stay all September in Muskoka? Well, I must close, with much love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 The Nosse's were Ruby's Japanese friends from Ottawa. See W5367, W5388, W5398, W5406, W5898, Box 12-240, W-MCP3-5.035, W-MCP2-4.080, and photo at IMG156.

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